VOGG [DECAPITATED]: I cannot imagine what I would have done without the guitars.

DECAPITATED has been one of Europe’s (Poland) biggest Death Metal exports. Since their teenage years, the band has been through a lot to be where they are today. They are ready with their seventh full length ‘Anticult‘ that is all set to be out via Nuclear Blast this July 7th, 2017. I am speaking with the band’s founder/ guitarist/ composer/ song writer Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka in this special interview we did. Excerpts:

MJM. You guys have been in the scene for about 2 decades. Still sounding fresh and raw just like the old times. What is it that keeps you motivated so much?

Vogg: Well it’s all about enjoying the music you know. We are inspired by many great legends and I personally love the guitars. I cannot imagine what I would have done without the guitars. Plus, it’s all about getting together with a bunch of other band mates and creating something.

MJM. You formed Decapitated with your late brother Vitek back in the mid 90’s when you were in your teenage. What was your aim and idea back then with the band? Did you anticipate the band to gain such a huge fan base in a good span of time?

Vogg: We never anticipated at all. We just wanted to play for fun and in due time, we took it up seriously and full time. We didn’t expect people to respond so much to our music. It feels great. Back then, we were still learning instruments. We had a demo tape released by a small label who seemed interested. There was no looking back since then.

At  Capital of Rock – Wrocław.

MJM. Unlike most traditional Death Metal bands, Decapitated has a lot of complex song structures, tonnes of blast beats and grooves. What inspired you to play this form of Death Metal?

Vogg:  We are heavily inspired by the Floridian Death Metal scene, with bands like Morbid Angel, Deicide and also bands like Vader from our home, Poland. As a band, our idea was to stay true to our music. We write stuff that is original and truly unique and staying true to our sound. As a composer, this was the most important part to me to. We wanted to make something different.

MJM. With the seventh album ‘Anticult’ all set for a wide release, how are things shaping up?

Vogg: We are super excited about it. Everything is in place. We are getting ready for our European/ Baltic countries tour.


MJM. Tell us about the concept behind this album. What is the reference to the ‘Anticult’ here?

Vogg: Oh, yes. The new album, Anticult is a deep mixture of all the Decapitated albums. Everything from the sound, approach, musicality, production and just about everything. It’s going to be a lot different. It’s not just going to be Death Metal or Technical Death Metal stuff with chunky riffs and blast beats but we have explored all the metal genres with this album. We have touched every aspect of it.

We have all evolved from what we were.

MJM. This is also your 3rd release under Nuclear Blast records. How is it working with them?

Vogg: They are very cool and extremely easy to work with. Besides, our band now has a new management- 5B Artist Management. So our management does a lot of work. In terms of booking, promoting etc., On the other hand, our label is involved a lot with the licensing, printing, selling, merchandises and economy. In that way, our label has a different set of functions at the same time, they are very hardworking. They treat their bands well. They push their bands well and far ahead.

MJM. How does this album symbolize the evolution that you guys are going through? How has this change been in terms of evolution and writing approach?

Vogg: We have all evolved from what we were. We follow mostly traditional methods to record. It’s the same with this album. This one is a mixture of all, like I mentioned. I first make the demo tracks and check with the guys. Then we jam the track out to see if we can get everything going with the coordination to keep it more fluid. Then we record the album. We follow the usual systematic way to record the drums, guitars, vocals and bass.

MJM. How do you guys ease of the tense and focus on getting it right? Might help the new bands who are experiencing recording their studio album for the first time.

Vogg: Get together more. More time spent in the studio. So we jam a lot.


MJM. Apart from writing music, what are the other things that you do in your leisure time?

Vogg- I have 2 kids. Each of them is 2 and 4 years old respectively. When I am at home, I am usually taking care of them. I have my own home studio. I love cooking. I love spending time with my family. I also make sure to spend time in between to record the guitars. It’s pretty much this while I am at it. Being a family man is great.

MJM. Any favorite movies? Or Filmmakers?

Vogg: I love Quinten Tarantino and Gangster flicks, thrillers, crime movies. I do enjoy other stuffs as well. I love the movie Whiplash. I am not sure if you watched it, but it’s very inspirational. My wife enjoys watching this movie as well. I watch dramas, all genres basically.

We are close friends with Behemoth; I was even speaking to Seth three days ago.

MJM. Poland is also an export of bands like Behemoth, Vader, and Hate as such. Are you guys friends by chance?

Vogg: Yes, very much. We are close friends with Behemoth; I was even speaking to Seth three days ago. I keep following Nergal on social media, we speak a lot. He is someone who keeps posting things about everything in life on social media; his instagram, facebook and stuff. And about Vader, I grew up listening to them. Feels amazing to tour with them now. Great guys. Just about everyone.

MJM. What are some of the other non-metal bands that you enjoy listening to?

Vogg: There’s too many to name. Not remembering anything now hahaha! But let me tell you that I love metal, we guys love metal. We listen to metal a lot while touring as well. But listening to metal does not necessarily mean that you have to play a show and come back and listen to metal in the backstage or hotel room. I personally listen to a wide range of musical styles, as long as it pleases me musically.

MJM. You guys will be on tour very soon with some amazing bands. How excited are you to put up the new songs on tour?

Vogg: We are very excited! We are going to be touring Europe and Baltic countries with Vader and another couple of Polish bands and a Swedish band as well. It’s going to be a Polish invasion. A good combination of Extreme Metal.

MJM. And is there is a possibility you guys might just drop by in India again?

Vogg: We would certainly love to. We have a tight schedule this year; we have Europe, North America, some major Festival appearances. So we are free early next year, with our tour schedule availability. If promoters in India want to see us, they just have to reach out. We will be there. We would love to.

MJM. Thank you so much for speaking with us, and all the best with the new release! Take care. 

Vogg: It was amazing speaking with you my friend. We hope to come there soon again and also meet our fans. We had an amazing time there before. Thanks for your support and interest in us.


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Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/ Chief Editor)


Boston based Technical Death Metal hordes REPLACIRE have released their next track off their upcoming full length ‘Do Not Deviate‘. The album is set to release via March 17th under Season Of Mist.

The track punches with complex riffs and drum sections and a distinct vocal pattern. The chorus is moody and stands ground that supports the overall track’s reception. The band somehow reminds me of giants such as Decripit Birth, Necrophagist, Cryptopsy, to name a few. It’s unique nonetheless. I look forward to how this album would sound on a whole.

Listen to it below-

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Season Of Mist

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Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine)

THE TOP FIVE INDIAN METAL RELEASES- 2016 | Metaljesus Magazine

This  year the Indian Metal scene has witnessed a tremendous number of bands that released an album/ EP; some debuts, some sophomores and some into their fourth or fifth releases. The bands have definitely grown in large numbers from all parts of the country, from major metal supporting cities to even smaller towns like Siliguri to Vishakapatnam to even places like Jaipur where metal is almost alien to the locals there. This year’s TOP FIVE Indian metal releases from Reader’s poll is quite a surprise. We still managed get a list out of that. I hope people will be pleased with this.

GODLESSCenturies Of Decadence

GODLESS from Hyderabad was formed only a year ago but the band has taken everything by storm! Centuries of Decadence: A very fresh album when it comes to New age Extreme Metal, a genre which is still sustaining in India. The band, is better known for their originality and their approach to their song writing that makes them a pleasurable listening experience.


PRIMITIVImmortal and Vile

Primitiv, a super group (consisting members of Albatross, Hellwind, Morticide etc.) are a ‘Stone-Age’ Metal band and took the scene by storm since their debut single released in the form of ‘Taurus’ and have been on a roll since. Their debut full-length album titled Immortal and Vile is a concept album which tells the story of a dystopian world. With killer vocals, tight rhythm sections, sharp riffs and thick bass lines, their songs will blow your mind!


CARNAGE INCFury Incarnate

Carnage Inc.– Formed back in 2011, this Thrash/ Speed metal outfit play old school metal yet adding some modern touches to it with their own unique flavour to it. The band has embarked upon a brand new release in the form of ‘Fury Incarnate’ that released to rave reviews all over! A visceral album which mixes Bay Area Thrash sounds with crossover and punk-ish influences and their own traditional touches. For fans who like their metal fast and unrelenting, its a must buy.


New line up- 2016


Kolkata based Progressive Metal/ Experimental group formed in 2009 are a band who fuse Indian classical instruments and elements subtly in their prog heavy sound which adds to the melody and separates the band from a lot of other progressive bands, not only from the scene but also globally to a certain extent. Their album Egress Point: Debut full-length released in 2016 even though band formed a while ago. A solid effort by the band and the classical instruments blend in perfectly with the overall sound.



Killchain is one of the best finds of the year. Based in Mumbai, the band plays some bone crushing Death Metal. Formed back in 2014, the band has managed to release their EP titled – Psychosis this year, that has been well appreciated by all. Greatly inspired by 80’s/ 90’s Death Metal!


Compiled by-

Anirudh Gollapudi and team! (Metaljesus Magazine)


VIPASSI is an Australian Instrumental Group that has members primarily from Progressive/ Experimental Metal band NE OBLIVISCARIS. The band’s music is technical and very complex in its writing style often commemorating its Extremity. The band comments, “Our song ‘Jove’ is a meditation on religion and dogma, its separation from faith, its affect on our history and perception of morality, and ultimately, the corruption and conflict it begets. Faith at its core, is a beautiful thing, which over time, has been clouded by crooked and misguided credo. This song is a counterpoint to ‘Benzaiten’, our previous track’s themes of knowledge and science, and how these things can be at odds with the obtuse nature of organized religion.


The track Jove is taken from the album ‘Sunyata‘; is no different. Its is packed with razor sharp guitar work that is both technical and variant, yet adding a pleasantry to its listening experience. Thanks to the melodies that are equally complimented by terrific drum work that adds an enchanting mood to it. The bass is groovy, which completes the track adding a soul to this song. In most places, I can clearly see influences from NILE, Decapitated, Suffocation and stuff like that but the band manages to blend something in its own unique way. The production is good. I haven’t heard this album but I look forward to it.

Listen to the full track ‘Jove’ here below-

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Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Chief Editor)

HOBBS [SUFFOCATION]: I pass on djent though! To me its mindless!!!!

SUFFOCATION have been commanding a huge fan base and also one of the longest surviving Death Metal bands out there. Having been on a heavy tour schedule over the last several months, we managed to get hold of Terrance Hobbs, the member from the original line up. We spoke to him about the tour life, new Suffo record, old times and live shows. Excerpts:

MJM: I wish we could conduct the interview with a couple of beers and watch you play some of the sickest riffs and solos. Welcome aboard Mr. Terrance Hobbs. Greetings from the other part of the world. 

HOBBS: How’s it going over there?  Well I hope!

MJM: Things are fine here, thanks! Suffocation just finished the most awaited tour of 2016, ‘The Summer Slaughter Tour’ with giants Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Krisiun, Revocation etc., The line up itself is so brutal that one should punch himself to death before going to the venue. Could you share some of the experience while you guys were on the road? 

HOBBS: Well for us it was great!! We had the chance to actually not headline for a minute and get to hang out, meet our fans and really get to enjoy a show as well as play one.  We had tons of friends on that tour so the drunken bus parties were flying!!  It was one for the history books for sure and of course a once in a lifetime thing!!!


MJM: Also this year Suffocation played some of the greatest metal fests like Inferno Fest, Heaven and Hell fest, Bay Area death fest, Heavy Montreal, etc. How does the band manage to keep so strong after all these years? 

HOBBS: I think a lot comes down to the fact we have a very strong fan base we have built over the years.. also we try to stay as busy and out in the public eye as much as possible. You know in the words of Bruce Dickenson “STICK TO YOUR GUNS” so after about 2 decades with a brief hiatus Suffocation took the drive we had and have gone full steam ahead since but if it wasn’t for our fans we would not be doing this anymore !!!

MJM: In Heavy Montreal, Frank Mullen re-united with you guys. We all know that he is busy with his job and family but he still managed to do that gig and I saw the video on Youtube playing ‘Catatonia’. How does it feel when you still play some old classics with him? Take us through your memory lane and the relationship you share with Frank to this day.

HOBBS: Well as you guys know Frank is always a part of Suffocation!! He has real life issues and can’t really do the touring anymore, so Ricky Myers is with us now as well filling the void when Frank can’t obviously its always great to get him back on a stage with us, so we take his somewhat retirement with a grain of salt and let him do him.  But all in all were all good friends and do what we can to help each other out and keep that ball rolling, so knowing that Frank could be at Heavy MTL – the pieces were in place.

MJM: You guys have been touring continuously for years together. Does the band get any rest at all? How challenging is to keep mentally and physically fit in such a busy schedule?


HOBBS: Well yeah the touring can take it’s toll, no doubt!! We usually try to tour every other month and the world is a big place, its very hard to get to most places and play for the fans and die hards, let alone make the adequate connections to really keep the band safe, mentally stable, positive and so on!!  The amount of flying for anyone that we do can literally drive you crazy as most people don’t take over 20 flights in 2 weeks!!! But all in all, we as a band want to get there to you all and perform, so i guess in the long run, after meeting so many friends and fans over the years all over the world it makes it a little easier to stomach knowing you get to see everyone on a regular basis.



MJM: Let’s get to the last album ‘Pinnacle of Bedlam’ that was released 3 years ago which was critically and commercially acclaimed. How soon are we getting to the new Suffo album? 

HOBBS: Well Pinnacle of Bedlam was sort of a concept album and I’d like to thank all who supported us in the making of that album.  Knowing everyone was thinking the world was going to end in 2012 was what created the idea behind the title!!! Pinnacle meaning the top or utmost height and bedlam which is total chaos.  As far as the new album goes, yes were taking off right now about 3 months to get it all together and rehearsed, the music is written and brutal as ever, probably the hardest one on my picking hand yet!!! Stay tuned for some classic Suffocation coming soon !!!

MJM: You guys always re-record a song from ‘Breeding the Spawn’ and put it to your new record. Can you please tell us about this? What was the reason behind the ‘raw production’ as you have quoted it yourself earlier? Was it a deliberate decision or was it because of the label or anything else? 

HOBBS: Well, the Breeding The Spawn thing was a decision by most all of us really from former line ups to the present ones. Suffocation at the time of Breeding the Spawn wrote great music, but was in turmoil internally in 92/93. The production suffered terribly and really we all thought it should not have come out.  But of course between labels and budgets and so on, it hit the shelves.  So we figured if we can put a bonus track on each new record, possibly when fans have every album you can piece Breeding The Spawn back together again!!!

MJM: Would there be any ‘Live DVD’ in store or something any time?

HOBBS: Of course, Suffocation has been speaking of this for quite sometime now and because we had producer and production issues things were put on hold ..but now as time is passing better offers and investors have come forward to help get this together so i am hoping by 2017 we should have the DVD together and ready to go!!


MJM: Speaking of ‘Pinnacle of Bedlam’, this album remains close to my heart and the track, ‘Sullen days’ is so in your face. What does the normal writing process look like?

HOBBS: Suffocation tries as many techniques as possible when it comes to writing.  We each do our own thing at home of course, but now that the internet and computers have become much faster we can then exchange riffs and such that way as well!! We also get together to collaborate so we really try to go down every avenue to create, because a lot of the time we are on the road and its very hard to write being in tight quarters with lack of sleep and so on!!! Kind of lets you guys know why it takes a few years for Suffocation albums to be produced and written!!!

MJM: From ‘Effigy of the Forgotten’ to Pinnacle of Bedlam’ how has the band evolved musically? How has the constant change of new members added to the creative writing style?


HOBBS: Well we have tried so many different styles in our music that its really hard to say. Our integrity is most important to us and our fans although production values have changed from album to album we take pride in keeping the aggression and styles that made Suffo a band.  Even from new to old members once they have learned songs and written some they usually get what were aiming for as a band !!!

MJM: Tell us about how Suffocation works on the artworks. They are definitely something else! How do you conceptualize them?

HOBBS: Well as we collaborate with ideas we all have, we actually look up artists that we feel are great and narrow it down.  We have had great artists over the years such as Dan Segrave, Hiro Takahashi, Jon Zig, Raymond Swanland as well as a few others. But as we go through the motions we all come to terms with each others ideas and pose the idea we agree upon to the artist.


MJM: So, how has the reformation in 2003 changed the approach to the band’s music?

HOBBS: Really it has not, as time goes on we grow as musicians so things will always be different.  But who wants to hear the exact same sound on every record, so we do try to keep things fresh and incorporate different riffs and styles from the older roots to the newer ones it just helps to keep things new.


MJM: What do you think of the current music industry with labels, money involved and much more?

HOBBS: Well since computers and recording gear is more available now for the musician, it’s great and now bands can do it on their own at home.  But there is something to be said about a label as labels have staff, accounting personnel, advertising, distribution and a whole lot more, so I think a label is a great thing for up and coming bands but bands do need to take heed on what they sign from a label having a music lawyer is the best bet !!!

MJM: Besides, recently there have been many mixed reactions about ‘Pledge Music Campaign’, ‘GoFundMe’ and similar sites and platforms. What are your thoughts on crowd funding? How do you see such a marketing campaign amongst many bands?   

HOBBS: Well, it can be a great thing, crowd-funding, especially for bands.  When the crowd source happens the fans donations actually get them the album, CD, DVD packs and so on. So in that aspect its great and allows fans to more interact with the band personally.  The negative point on crowd sourcing is that now anyone can do it, so if they decide to say they need a bottle of booze or a boat or car or something that’s personal, I feel that’s just a person begging for dollars!


PHOTO CREDIT: Marianna Benze. Hell & Heaven Festival 2016.

MJM: And how is your other project ‘Criminal Element’ doing? You guys did your last album ‘Criminal Crime Time’ in 2015. What are the updates of this project?

HOBBS: Well for right now Criminal Element is just chugging away at making an all cover LP its going to be classic thrash and death metal stay tuned !!

MJM: Do you listen to any modern metal bands? What are your thoughts on modern metal bands?

HOBBS: A lot I like but of course its few and far between. For me, I’m an old school thrash head so I usually stick with what I know but bands like Decrepit Birth, Origin, Fallujah, Profanity, Ingested, Aeon, Virvum, Cattle Decapitation are all great!!  As long as the musicianship is good I’m a happy guy!!! I pass on djent though! To me its mindless!!!!


MJM: In your opinion, what are some of the most challenging Suffocation songs to play on a live set?

HOBBS: Hahahahaha! To be honest they all have some bit of tech parts to them so in my mind they all are pretty challenging.

MJM: Do you have any thoughts of coming to India, Bangladesh? A huge fan base of suffocation is out there.

HOBBS: If you guys know the good promoters there we would love to come play for you all and see the culture sights and just rip it for the fans!!!

MJM: We do hope to see you soon! Thank you so much and good luck with the upcoming days. It was just great interacting with you.

HOBBS: Anytime and I hope Suffocation will be able to make an appearance in India soon.  Until then stay heavy and brutal and have a beer for me cheers!!!

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Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Chief Editor) and Showmik Das

REVOCATION premieres new track- Monolithic Ignorance!

American Technical Death Metal band, REVOCATION have been constantly evolving into something newer as each release goes. Having been active for around a decade, the band has not compromised on anything. They already have a mammoth five releases under their belt and their upcoming album Great Is Our Sin, is touted to be their most aggressive, technically more challenging and dynamic album.


The band recently premiered their new lyric video for the track- Monolithic Ignorance via Stereogum. The song is powerful that follows a typical structure in the first half and then evolves into a hard hitting edge, reminiscent of their previous albums that is relentless, keeping their Extreme Metal flag high. Guitarist  Dan Gargiulo has composed this mind blowing track that dominates through out. Great Is Our Sin is set to release on July 22nd, 2016.

Listen to it here-

Brandon Park (ALLEGAEON): As long as bands use it for a legitimate cause

Today we spoke to Brandon Park, the drummer of American Death Metal giants Allegaeon. For years, Allegaeon has been reputed for making music that is both technical and melodic with innovative song structures and lyrical themes. Here, he talks about how his life has changed and how challenging things were after joining Allegaeon. The band is set to release a new studio album in 2016. A simple, funny guy who has spoken quite frankly in this exclusive interview! Read more to know about him and the band.


MJM. Hey Brandon, thanks for taking time out to do this interview. How you doing?

Brandon: I’m doing great! just practising a ton and living life.

MJM. How did Allegaeon enter your life? I am sure a lot of people would be keen on knowing that.

Brandon: I was playing in a different band at the time called “Suffer The Wrath”. We got an offer to open a show for Allegaeon, so I looked them up and immediately fell in love with the music. I also saw that they did not have a permanent drummer at the time either and was touring with fill in guys while they searched. I contacted Greg and started sending videos and checking in every once in awhile to let them know I was serious and that I wanted the job. I eventually got the call to fill in for a tour and everything went great, I think it only took about 4 shows for them to ask me to join haha! Oh and we broke down on the side of the road and I fixed the van. That might have helped my chances a little.

MJM.  For a band that started out in 2008, it had its boundaries ever expanding. What are some of the memories you can probably recall ever since you joined?

Brandon: This band has given me the opportunity to travel and see a lot of places I might not have seen otherwise, and meet a lot of people I may have never met.

MJM. The last full length studio album ‘Elements of The Infinite’, boasted of some complex technicality merged together with striking melodies. It had a well struck balance in all aspects compared to other releases. How does the song writing go by?

Brandon: Well, for that one I had just joined a few weeks prior to tracking  so all of the songs were already written. I only had about 3 weeks to learn everything and try to add my own personality to the drums.

We never do the old fashioned way of writing where all of us are in the room jamming, it’s always finished or a pretty well organized vision of a song before I start doing my part to it.


MJM. With constant change of members, has the work flow ever been affected? How rough was it to establish a convincing environment within the members?

Brandon: I’ve never noticed it making us skip a beat since I’ve been around. We all work hard to be well prepared and do our best. I think we all feel obligated to stay on top of our game and try not be the weakest link. I live about 800 miles away from everyone else too, so I definitely have to do my homework.

MJM. Talking about the lyrical themes, unlike most other Death Metal bands, Allegaeon deals mostly with Science, Universe and so on. What fascinates the band to revolve around innovative themes such as that?

Brandon: I think it’s just things that we are all interested in. There’s so many metal bands that write about the same old things like gore, religion, politics etc., which I have no problem with, but it’s nice to hear something a little different sometimes. Since science is always progressing and finding new exciting things, our possibilities for interesting subjects are always expanding.


MJM. As a drummer, who would you cite as your biggest influence?

Brandon: Oh man, that’s a hard one to pin down. I started playing drums very young to Kiss, Ozzy and Megadeth albums and those continue to be a big influence on me. Watching their home videos probably played a big part in me choosing to pursue a career in music. As far as influencing my playing, guys like Tim Yeung, George Kollias, Derek Roddy, Adam Jarvis and Mike Heller always fascinate me and I try to learn as much as I can buy watching them.

MJM. Riley McShane joined the band after Ezra’s departure. How has the addition of the new vocalist added to the creative process?

Brandon: It has definitely opened doors to several things. Riley is a talented dude and has an array of vocal techniques at his disposal. It will be interesting to hear what he does on the new album.

MJM. There was an announcement that you guys have hit the studios for your new album. How is it shaping up?

Brandon: Its going very well. I finished my drum tracks in about 5 days and guitars are being tracked now. I’m pretty happy with my performance on it.


MJM. How different is it going to be from the rest?

Brandon: It still sounds like Allegaeon but there are some new things that we haven’t done before.  One example is a new song we played on our last tour. It has some cool flamenco guitar stuff going on that I’ve never heard in a metal song before.

I tried to think outside the box a little on some of my drum parts. I love double bass and blast beats, and there is plenty of that on the album, but it’s nice to throw in something a little more musical from time to time.

MJM. On a whole lot, how difficult is it for bands to record albums and sell them? A lot of factors go into place that affects the band’s growth through sales. Be it piracy; free streaming etc. due to which a lot of bands have opted for crowd funding their albums which becomes a safer bet targeting a genuine audience. How do you see this current inclination though it’s comparatively young?

Brandon: It’s definitely not easy, it’s not cheap to record an album and it’s not easy to get the music in to a person’s hand if they don’t know about it and its not readily available. Digital music makes it somewhat easier since almost everyone has smart phones now. new music is just a click and a download away.

The crowd funding thing I think definitely has its place and is great thing if it isn’t exploited. Fans can directly support the artists that they love. Allegaeon used a crowd fund before I was in the band to repair the tour vehicle. Without it the band may have been out of commission for a long period. Some new bands may not have the resources to even get started touring and recording without help from their followers. As long as bands use it for a legitimate cause and not just an ongoing source of income, I see no problem with it.

MJM. How do you think can people be aware of such a drastic situation?

Brandon: I think It’s hard for people to realize the amount of money and work it takes to be able to make music unless they are also doing it themselves.

MJM. You played a number of tours in 2014 on behalf of your last album, alongside Job For A Cowboy, Chimaira, Arsis etc,. which was quite a tight schedule. Will Indian fans ever see Allegaeon?

Brandon: We certainly hope so! We’d love to play for anyone who wants to hear it. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to play outside of North America yet. Hopefully, we can make it over there soon.


MJM. It was great talking to you Brandon. Thanks for spending time with us!

Brandon: Thank you! It was nice talking to you.


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Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine – Owner/Chief Editor)