VOGG [DECAPITATED]: I cannot imagine what I would have done without the guitars.

DECAPITATED has been one of Europe’s (Poland) biggest Death Metal exports. Since their teenage years, the band has been through a lot to be where they are today. They are ready with their seventh full length ‘Anticult‘ that is all set to be out via Nuclear Blast this July 7th, 2017. I am speaking with the band’s founder/ guitarist/ composer/ song writer Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka in this special interview we did. Excerpts:

MJM. You guys have been in the scene for about 2 decades. Still sounding fresh and raw just like the old times. What is it that keeps you motivated so much?

Vogg: Well it’s all about enjoying the music you know. We are inspired by many great legends and I personally love the guitars. I cannot imagine what I would have done without the guitars. Plus, it’s all about getting together with a bunch of other band mates and creating something.

MJM. You formed Decapitated with your late brother Vitek back in the mid 90’s when you were in your teenage. What was your aim and idea back then with the band? Did you anticipate the band to gain such a huge fan base in a good span of time?

Vogg: We never anticipated at all. We just wanted to play for fun and in due time, we took it up seriously and full time. We didn’t expect people to respond so much to our music. It feels great. Back then, we were still learning instruments. We had a demo tape released by a small label who seemed interested. There was no looking back since then.

At  Capital of Rock – Wrocław.

MJM. Unlike most traditional Death Metal bands, Decapitated has a lot of complex song structures, tonnes of blast beats and grooves. What inspired you to play this form of Death Metal?

Vogg:  We are heavily inspired by the Floridian Death Metal scene, with bands like Morbid Angel, Deicide and also bands like Vader from our home, Poland. As a band, our idea was to stay true to our music. We write stuff that is original and truly unique and staying true to our sound. As a composer, this was the most important part to me to. We wanted to make something different.

MJM. With the seventh album ‘Anticult’ all set for a wide release, how are things shaping up?

Vogg: We are super excited about it. Everything is in place. We are getting ready for our European/ Baltic countries tour.


MJM. Tell us about the concept behind this album. What is the reference to the ‘Anticult’ here?

Vogg: Oh, yes. The new album, Anticult is a deep mixture of all the Decapitated albums. Everything from the sound, approach, musicality, production and just about everything. It’s going to be a lot different. It’s not just going to be Death Metal or Technical Death Metal stuff with chunky riffs and blast beats but we have explored all the metal genres with this album. We have touched every aspect of it.

We have all evolved from what we were.

MJM. This is also your 3rd release under Nuclear Blast records. How is it working with them?

Vogg: They are very cool and extremely easy to work with. Besides, our band now has a new management- 5B Artist Management. So our management does a lot of work. In terms of booking, promoting etc., On the other hand, our label is involved a lot with the licensing, printing, selling, merchandises and economy. In that way, our label has a different set of functions at the same time, they are very hardworking. They treat their bands well. They push their bands well and far ahead.

MJM. How does this album symbolize the evolution that you guys are going through? How has this change been in terms of evolution and writing approach?

Vogg: We have all evolved from what we were. We follow mostly traditional methods to record. It’s the same with this album. This one is a mixture of all, like I mentioned. I first make the demo tracks and check with the guys. Then we jam the track out to see if we can get everything going with the coordination to keep it more fluid. Then we record the album. We follow the usual systematic way to record the drums, guitars, vocals and bass.

MJM. How do you guys ease of the tense and focus on getting it right? Might help the new bands who are experiencing recording their studio album for the first time.

Vogg: Get together more. More time spent in the studio. So we jam a lot.


MJM. Apart from writing music, what are the other things that you do in your leisure time?

Vogg- I have 2 kids. Each of them is 2 and 4 years old respectively. When I am at home, I am usually taking care of them. I have my own home studio. I love cooking. I love spending time with my family. I also make sure to spend time in between to record the guitars. It’s pretty much this while I am at it. Being a family man is great.

MJM. Any favorite movies? Or Filmmakers?

Vogg: I love Quinten Tarantino and Gangster flicks, thrillers, crime movies. I do enjoy other stuffs as well. I love the movie Whiplash. I am not sure if you watched it, but it’s very inspirational. My wife enjoys watching this movie as well. I watch dramas, all genres basically.

We are close friends with Behemoth; I was even speaking to Seth three days ago.

MJM. Poland is also an export of bands like Behemoth, Vader, and Hate as such. Are you guys friends by chance?

Vogg: Yes, very much. We are close friends with Behemoth; I was even speaking to Seth three days ago. I keep following Nergal on social media, we speak a lot. He is someone who keeps posting things about everything in life on social media; his instagram, facebook and stuff. And about Vader, I grew up listening to them. Feels amazing to tour with them now. Great guys. Just about everyone.

MJM. What are some of the other non-metal bands that you enjoy listening to?

Vogg: There’s too many to name. Not remembering anything now hahaha! But let me tell you that I love metal, we guys love metal. We listen to metal a lot while touring as well. But listening to metal does not necessarily mean that you have to play a show and come back and listen to metal in the backstage or hotel room. I personally listen to a wide range of musical styles, as long as it pleases me musically.

MJM. You guys will be on tour very soon with some amazing bands. How excited are you to put up the new songs on tour?

Vogg: We are very excited! We are going to be touring Europe and Baltic countries with Vader and another couple of Polish bands and a Swedish band as well. It’s going to be a Polish invasion. A good combination of Extreme Metal.

MJM. And is there is a possibility you guys might just drop by in India again?

Vogg: We would certainly love to. We have a tight schedule this year; we have Europe, North America, some major Festival appearances. So we are free early next year, with our tour schedule availability. If promoters in India want to see us, they just have to reach out. We will be there. We would love to.

MJM. Thank you so much for speaking with us, and all the best with the new release! Take care. 

Vogg: It was amazing speaking with you my friend. We hope to come there soon again and also meet our fans. We had an amazing time there before. Thanks for your support and interest in us.


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Interviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/ Chief Editor)

DECAPITATED release a new single and video from the upcoming album- ‘Anticult’!

Polish Death Metal masters DECAPITATED have unleashed a brand new video for the track- ‘Never‘ taken from their upcoming 7th studio album ‘Anticult’. The album is due this July 7th, 2017 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The new track is packed with sick riffs and growls with insane blast beats that ram through our ears. The track starts on a slow note but however picks up and swarms with it’s technicality.


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Decapitated- NBR

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Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine- Chief Editor/ Owner)

KINGDOM Announce New Album ‘Sepulchral Psalms from the Abyss of Torment’

Blackened Death Metal monsters Kingdom have announced new alum that is set to release via Godz of War Productions. Their forthcoming third album entitled ‘Sepulchral Psalms from the Abyss of Torment’contains almost thirty-five minutes of impious, suffocating and ominous underground Death Metal.

The material was recorded this spring by LWN (vocals, guitars), STH (bass), SLW (drums) and SBCH (additional vocals).

Listen to it here-

India is up for a very big treat- Renu McGarry (Orka Networks/Deccan Rock)

Deccan Rock- IV is scheduled to take place on September 24th, 2016 with the legendary Polish Extreme Metallers BEHEMOTH headlining this edition. The tickets are set to go on floors soon and here’s an interview with the organiser who has been the main pillar behind brand Orka Networks, Renu McGarry, who has been responsible for bringing down bands such as Amon Amarth, Textures etc., to India over the years. This edition promises to be the biggest one, focusing on Global Warming and other environmental issues. Speaking about how things worked all this while and what makes the Indian crowd different from the West, the Touring agencies and of course the risks involved in putting up huge festivals such as this. Excerpts-

MJM. What was the idea behind Deccan Rock? What provoked you to work on a big scale event such as this?

Renu- Orka Networks started out in 2007 where we worked with local artists doing smaller pub shows but in 2009, I watched Opeth at Saarang which actually got me and my partner back then to start working on our own festival. We contacted so many bands including Testament, Arch Enemy, Nile, Morbid Angel, Meshuggah, Children of Bodom to name a few! Eventually managed to book Amon Amarth and Textures. To be very honest considering we had absolutely no experience in handling such a vast scale event we were hands down so bad at managing things. Thanks to some of them at the festival who stepped up to help us out! A big shout out to Naveen Deshpande and Anupam Roy for being absolute legends!

The idea behind Deccan Rock was always to bring down bands that probably would never have had a chance to tour India (obviously things have changed now drastically). Another important thing for me is promoting awareness on climate change and making this India’s first eco-friendly metal festival. This would be our 4th attempt and I have a positive feeling we might be able to meet this target.

MJM. You have been organising festivals for many years now, what is your most treasured memory?

Renu- I’ve been asked this so many times, I think with each festival and artist we worked with we have had memories good and bad. Two of my most treasured memories happen to be with – Textures who have been so supportive during my first ever international gig. The advices they’ve given me still help me to this day. Second being with Gojira – I remember listening to them for the first time at a friend’s house party after Deccan Rock II and telling them that it would be me bringing them to India. Probably drunk talk but I still did it, that festival was all over the place and my team had to handle everything little thing including production that wasn’t our responsibility. I’m glad it turned out that way though because we’ve had so much to learn.


Team Deccan Rock with Gojira

MJM. By having the legendary band BEHEMOTH as the headliner for this year, how difficult was it to book them?

Renu- Considering we have a very good relationship with the agencies around the world it wasn’t very difficult to book Behemoth. Having said that I’ve been talking to Nergal (Adam Darski) for over two year now to work something out and I’m glad everything fell into place.

MJM.  You have worked with many big names in the past, dealt with many international acts. How was the experience? How excited are you to work with BEHEMOTH this year?

Renu- As mentioned earlier, every festival we have worked with has had its own share of good and bad experiences and I wouldn’t want it any other way. As with any business its ever changing there is always these new challenges to face. Not everything is book learnt especially in the live music industry. One needs to take positive lessons from your hardships/failures – like my Dad would word it.

I am super excited to work with Behemoth they are so ridiculous live! I watched them in London along with Cradle of Filth. India is up for a very big treat! Consider this as an early Christmas present from Orka (No Pun Intended).

MJM.  What motivates you to pull off massive festivals such as this?

Renu- I’ve been doing this long enough that this is has taken up a big part of my life – I just wouldn’t know what else to do if I had to stop doing this. Or I could just say ‘beer and bitches’.

MJM. What are some of the most challenging things that go down the line?

Renu- Every tiny aspect that goes down in organising a festival can be challenging. Even a smallest thing like not having enough water could create so much trouble for you in the end. Mostly I’d say not having an efficient team and enough money to back you up are the biggest challenges.

MJM. I guess this is the most commonly asked question. How do you choose your artists?

Renu- It’s mostly bands that I want to work with but also we follow up with the crowd here as well as the popularity of the band in the country. When we are working with our clients it’s usually what their choice of artist is.


Festival Promoter- Renu McGarry (Orka Networks- Deccan Rock)

MJM. What makes the Indian crowd different from the others? Besides, Orka Networks extends to the UK as well.

Renu- I’ve heard so many bands say that Indian crowd is so much more passionate and I couldn’t agree more.

MJM. Orka has also been responsible for organising many successful tours for several international bands in India, one of the fewest ventures to do so. In your opinion, why is it hard to build a strong infrastructure for touring agencies in India as compared to the west?

Renu- To begin with our country is a lot bigger than the West. We do not have the kind of transport to travel to the next city in a few hours unless the promoters can afford flights. There’s no way promoters can recover the flight cost.

I’ve had this discussion with a few musicians around and they always said it’s difficult to carry back line between the cities. I agree but I think small changes could bring a touring culture in the country. For example, in the UK all backline (amps/drumkit etc) are provided by the bands performing at the gig. Surely the local bands supporting the headliner can provide this sort of equipment to help promoters and other musicians.

Here in India, the promoters are expected to provide the entire tech rider, flights, swish accommodation and a fee – in return just earn 10,000-20,000 on the door sales, keeping in mind that metal gigs have no sponsorship.

In the UK the promoter just pays the band – the band has to take care of their travel, accommodation, backline, van, food etc. The bands in the UK are open to idea of couch surfing so they save a bit on their accommodation. A lot of fans help out in putting the band up after their shows in their respective cities.

Perhaps there’s room for fans, promoters and bands to work together to make the touring culture more realistic.

13608246_10157236462705637_957691881_n 5455

MJM. Tell us about your team Orka.

Renu- One of the most best efficient teams I’ve had for a while. Mayur Agarwal heads the Hyderabad office and handles most of our college/university clients and also tour manages the International bands.

Sukumar (famously known as Pandu) has been with Orka since I started out in 2007 – He handles ground production. Harin Abhinav handles sponsorships and also fills in for tour management while Mayur’s away.

Baiju Philip who joined us in 2010 and has been handling local gigs/tour management and was also a major part of Deccan Rock.

Our latest addition to the team is Prarthana Venunathan who handles media and PR in the company.

We also have Pratika Prabhune who’s now freelancing for Deccan Rock IV and handling social media marketing.

Lastly, Paul Mcgarry – my husband who deals with my anxiety and craziness during events.

MJM. Thanks for speaking to us!

Renu- I look forward to seeing you guys at Deccan Rock IV!



Deccan Rock is the first Annual International Metal Festival in support of Global Warming.

Full lineup for Deccan Rock 2016 – The Fourth Edition, September 24th, 2016:

Inner Sanctum
Dark Helm
Elemental (India)

Interviewed by-

Pranav Swaroop (Metaljesus Magazine)

BEHEMOTH set to headline Deccan Rock IV- Hyderabad (India)!

After a hiatus of 3 years, one of the most reputed metal festivals of India, Deccan Rock strikes hard with a mammoth of a line up this year! This 2016 edition is a conceptual one which will focus on spreading awareness about environmental issues such as Global warming and climate change and is currently associated with local NGO’s and Government Organizations. It’s quite an initiative and cheers to team Orka Networks for making this edition a terrific one.

Teaser that was released earlier-

Various speculations arose about the band that is set to headline and some of course were quite obvious. The news about the headliner was trending on social media unlike anything else that I have seen before! It’s time to reveal the headliner now. This year’s Deccan Rock- The Fourth Edition will be headlined by the legendary extreme metal deity BEHEMOTH from Poland!


Poster designed by- Yuvraj Bhatnagar

The band commands a massive fan base in the South Asian region. This is the first time they will be playing in India and it’s time to block your dates and save up now! This is indeed an ultimate treat for Indian metalheads, where they finally get to watch their gods play live. Other bands on the bill include Extreme metal band Meta-stasis from UK, deathsters Inner Sanctum, Elemental, Primitiv and more!

The festival is scheduled to take place in Hyderabad (India) on September 24th, 2016 at Leonia Holistic Destination- Hyderabad Resort.


Get event details here- DECCAN ROCK- IV

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Written by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/Chief Editor)