Norwegian black metal band CARPATHIAN FOREST make a comeback!

Norwegian black metal band Carpathian Forest are now back, and have announced a new album.

Norwegian black metal band Carpathian Forest are now back, and have announced a new album. As stated on Ultimate-Guitar, they are currently taping demos, doing rehearsals some new live performances, and this new album, titled “Likskue”, will be out in 2018, with recording sessions starting this summer or fall. Additional info will be revealed, so stay tuned. The band previously went on hiatus in July 2014, after members Tchort and Blood Pervertor announced they had parted ways with Carpathian Forest, and would form a new band called The 3rd Attempt. The Carpathian Forest’s 2017 line-up include all new band members, except vocalist Nattefrost.


Canadian Black Metal band THE PROJECTIONIST have unleashed their second album Exalted Solitude today, that is geared to astound listeners with their style of early Black Metal. The band’s version of Black Metal is raw, and holds a strong underground vibe to it. In this era, it’s still surprising to see how bands have got that moving with this style.

To be very honest, this isn’t my favorite style of Black Metal but I think it could work. The band’s music is particularly reminiscent of Hellhammer, Beherit, Mayhem (old), Fullmoon, Behexen, Ulver to name a few. I enjoyed looking at the artworks, I think it carries a very eerie, early 20th century horror movie class with a ‘summoning’ appeal to it.

The band has attempted to make an album that is raw, powerful with the old school ‘Black Metal’ way of production, yes. Don’t expect a polished/ rich production. At times, it sounds more like Noise Black Metal, again, that isn’t my cup of tea either, but thanks to the diversity that keeps the spark in between each track. Sometimes, Black Metal played monotonously can get really boring. This Black Metal is raw with low production value; heavily distorted guitars with fast tremolo picking, traditional Black Metal chord progression with specific time scale; high pitched shrieked vocals; drums that are played the Hellhammer way with lots of double bass and blast beats. There’s no other drummer who I can think of can play this way. The overall atmosphere built in the album from the first track to last one ‘Harpy Whispers Malice’ is played in the old Scandinavian way. This is not bad.

It’s raw, extreme and blasphemous!

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Track – List:
1. 11 Strikes to Incite Incurable Silences
2. Suckling a Most Hateful Claustrum
3. Ineffable Inner Void
4. Oubliette Threnodies
5.If Erased, So Fertile Ought
6. Draw Away
7. Chapel of Astaroth
8. Zarathustra Within
9. Sleepless Witching Curse

10.Harpy Whispers Malice (The Regent’s Downfall)



Vocals: Lord Matzigkeitus; Guitars: Parageist; Drums: Malphas

(Guest appearance by Christopher Hernandez of Xasthur)

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Written by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine- Chief Editor/ Owner)


Norway or the rest of Scandinavia for case in point has exported some of the most well known names in Black Metal. There are fans that may even refer to Norway as ‘The Land of Black Metal’. Znafelriff is one such band that has its roots in Norway, having settled in Germany later on. If you are fastidious about the Raw Black Metal of the mid 80s/early 90s stuff like Hellhammer, Bathory, Celtic Frost or the Norwegian spearheads such as Mayhem, Gorgoroth or even the early Immortal, Emperor era for instance, then Znafelriff’s Ruin is a tailor made album just for you.

The band has made some beautiful music that appends to the pure, original style of Black Metal that I haven’t heard in a very long time from the newer bands.  While revolving around a traditional method, the band has its soul in the crispy guitars and the raspy vocals that has played a vital commission. The drums have held the zest of what the music has superseded by.


The guitar melodies are admirable. The riffs are down to earth. This has not only added the overall music’s reception but has also stood away from the dry tediousness that a lot of bands end up incorporating in its genre. The lyrics are primarily in German and the vocals are rhythmically pitched in, that goes spontaneously. These make the vocals pulsating and stand apart blissfully. The drums deserve a discreet mention. They have created an ambiance for this record. The blast beats are simple but have multifaceted feel to it that blends in exquisitely with the uncomplicated riffs and concrete vocals.

It’s striking how this band manages to amalgamate the vocals, guitars and the drums, producing an enthused record that holds its ancestry in Scandinavia. It’s not the greatest of Black Metal releases but Znafelriff will be proud of what they have produced. Advocated tracks include Ruin, Graus Land.   

Ratings- 90%

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Znafelriff- Facebook

Znafelriff- Bandcamp

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Reviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine- Owner/Chief Editor)