Science Explains: How do Heavy Metal vocalists perform without damaging their vocal folds?

True story: I was sitting in my dentist’s chair this past Monday morning and we got to talking about metal (I recently turned him onto Gojira). He asked me how it was possible that all these metal vocalists are able to scream their guts out for extended periods of time and not constantly a) blow out their voices and b) develop nodules on their vocal cords? Fair questions, and I was somewhat embarrassed to admit that I didn’t have any good answers.

Luckily, science does! According to this new video from Inside Science, San Francisco’s Dr. Krzysztof Izdebski of the Pacific Voice and Speech Foundation, who specializes in working with patients that have damaged their vocal cords, believes that metal singers have basically figured out a way to do what comes naturally to human babies. And no, he’s not talking about Lead Singer’s Disease/throwing tantrums:

A little baby has all the sounds — it has the sounds of scream and growl, and inhalation and high pitch and whistle and low pitch, and so I thought, wow, you know, all of this we have, we learn from the beginning. We have it and then we somehow lose it, and the patients who suffer can’t learn how to do this.

Dr. Izdebski goes on to explain that by using a very, very high-speed camera (16,000 frames per second — by way of contrast, note that a movie is traditionally only 24 frames per second) placed inside a singer’s throat, he was able to determine that the vocal cords of your average metal frontman or woman never collide, which is how damage to those cords is normally created:

The images that we recorded clearly show that it’s produced predominately, predominately by structures above the glottis. So, the vocal folds do open and vibrate but actually don’t collide, and the entire sick area above — aryepiglottic folds, arachnoids, epiglottis — everything claps and dances, basically, and creates vibrations and creates acoustic orchestration… It’s that the area above [that’s] very loose and the air turbulence that comes through. The air that comes through produces turbulence, and the turbulence produces the sound.

Dr. Izdebski also believes this knowledge could be helpful to his patients:

When you crush the larynx it cannot be repaired, and these people suffer — they cannot talk. So, you know, we can use this, this technology — this artistic technology — perhaps to try to restore some phonation in these individuals.

Fascinating stuff, right?

Heavy Metal Singers are Just Big Babies (watch video here):

Source: Metalsucks | Inside Science

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DECAPITATED release a new single and video from the upcoming album- ‘Anticult’!

Polish Death Metal masters DECAPITATED have unleashed a brand new video for the track- ‘Never‘ taken from their upcoming 7th studio album ‘Anticult’. The album is due this July 7th, 2017 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The new track is packed with sick riffs and growls with insane blast beats that ram through our ears. The track starts on a slow note but however picks up and swarms with it’s technicality.


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Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine- Chief Editor/ Owner)

The Most beloved Metal artists | Metaljesus Magazine

METAL has dependably had an exceptional place in the hearts of many metal heads and performers the world over. It is a kind that justifies itself with real evidence. As far back as the late 60’s there has been an ascent and fall of thousands of groups from everywhere throughout the world. We have (had) legends like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Judas Priest who made a world mark with their brand of music during their initial years. Soon then the music started spreading like plague to other parts of the world, influencing thousands of them. Many musicians particularly drew the attention of the crowd with their music. We have limited the rundown to one part/ band to back off and furthermore have a decent assortment with respect to their popularity, artistic status, influence in today’s music, their musicality and so on.

12. Zakk Wylde (ex- Ozzy Osbourne/ Black Label Society)- This American artist has made written some great songs since his tenure with Ozzy Osbourne‘s solo project in the early years of his career. How can we possibly forget some of his heart warming works in albums such as No Rest for the WickedNo More Tears to name a few? Although throughout his career, Zakk has quite possibly experimented and explored other genres outside Heavy Metal such as with his solo project and some of the later Black Label Society albums/ songs; he will be remembered as one of the greatest guitarists and also for his close interaction with fans at shows and elsewhere, showing his down-to-earth character.


11. Abbath (Abbath/ ex- Immortal/ ex- Old Funeral)- Often called as the funniest Black Metal demigod. Primarily known as the founding member of Norwegian Black Metal overlords Immortal; Abbath or Olve Eikemo, had to part ways in 2015 and then form another project by the name Abbath. People have always had a very jovial opinion about this man, for cracking jokes in between his shows, crowd interaction, close association with fans and so on. Abbath always admitted to having fun was a part of his ‘inner self‘ and that Black Metal can also be fun as opposed to an always serious imagery.


10. John Petrucci (Dream Theater)- John, is one of the most reputed guitarists in the Heavy Metal/ Progressive Metal world. He is known for using complex time signatures and playing at high speed precisely adding a lot of variety with great emotion and musical content. John‘s career took a peak during the G3 Tour which got him exposed to millions of fans worldwide along the likes of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai among others. Although John‘s primary writing has been focused on Progressive Metal content, he has however experimented with various other genres throughout career and has inspired millions of aspiring guitarists the world over with his playing style and writing.


9. King Diamond (Mercyful Fate/ King Diamond)- Kim Bendix Petersen or popularly called as King Diamond, known for having a great vocal range, thereby using a falsetto is a Danish singer. King Diamond has however had strict beliefs over Satanism and has remained mum over politics. King Diamond‘s unique stage attitude, corpse paint, presence is enough to get his fans in a state of frenzy.


8. Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth)- You cannot just make a list without this man. Known for his lively stage presence, guitar playing, roaring growls and soothing clean vocals complimented by his on stage humor and close interaction with fans. This man would have just made it to the list easily.


7. James Hetfield (Metallica)- A man who is in his mid 50s and fronting one of the greatest Heavy Metal bands in the world ever. The man is still known for singing and playing guitar so precisely even at this age; with three and a half decades of industry expertise since his first days with Metallica. His energetic live performance, interaction with fans, timeless playing skills and singing has fetched him various accolades and has won him many hearts over the years.

Metallica.Minneapolis.0820-16.US Bank Stadium.twitter

6. Chuck Schuldiner (RIP) (Death)– Known as the nicest guy in the Death Metal industry and often cited as the ‘The Godfather of Death Metal‘, by his beloved fans. He is known for using a distinct vocal style by infusing death growls and high pitched screeches against Death Metal music; which was a huge influence for many new wave bands all over the world. Chuck was known for disavowing the stereotypical mindset of people and their general views about ‘metalheads’. This idea, view and particularly the ‘Extreme Metal Music‘ in the early years got him many fans from all corners of the industry. The legacy of Death continues even today.


5. Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)– Most of you would have expected his name to be in the list already. And here you are. Known as one of the pioneers to include operatic vocal style in his singing, Bruce has always found a way to tease his fans with his on stage being and performances. The man holds a Pilot’s license and had spent years in the British Aviation industry, hosted Radio shows, among tonnes of other career driven activities.


4. Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath/ Heaven and Hell)- One of the greatest Heavy Metal guitarists and a True pioneering force behind every riff you hear today. Tony would have already played that decades ago. Several artists and fans from all over the world refer to him as the true ‘Father of Heavy Metal Music‘. The man is known for using deep and heavy tone known as his signature style. It is his contribution to music that has earned him a massive name in the Rock/ Metal Music industry. Several metal guitarists cite Tony as one of their primary influences with regards to their playing.


3. Rob Halford (Judas Priest)- One of the most recognizable voices in the Heavy Metal music, Rob is known for his wide operatic vocal range with his impeccable high pitched screams and vibrato. His singing style and performance criteria has influenced thousands of vocalists the world over and most importantly, Power Metal. Judas Priest is known for endorsing badass costumes on stage with Hardcore biker style which had a massive cult following; that also edged their primary influence on the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM). Thus, playing a pioneering force behind it. Several Old school bands are noted today for using such costumes in their performances and photoshoots.


2. Lemmy Kilmister (RIP) (Motorhead)- Probably the coolest guy in Heavy Metal with a ‘No fucks given’ attitude. Known for his infamous mutton chops, distinct vocals and bass playing style, the man earned his fame over the years for his solid presence, rebellious imagery and unusual lifestyle.


1. Ronnie James Dio (RIP) (Dio/ Rainbow/ Black Sabbath)- I am sure many of you would have guessed it right. We did say about including one member per band, but we simply couldn’t make this list without this man. This had to be it. He was known by many personally for his humble and warm nature; besides, being involved with his wife for philanthropic activities. Dio dedicated around 5 decades of his life for Heavy Metal music. From fronting several bands over the years; he was also affected by severe illness towards the end of his career. Known for his powerful operatic vocals that was also popularised with the likes of Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford during the NWOBHM.


Dio throwing the horns that was popularised by him during his era.

Honorable mentions- Tom Araya, Nergal, Dave Mustaine, Devin Townsend, Corey Taylor. 

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Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine- Chief Editor/ Owner)

NERGAL [BEHEMOTH]: When I left the hospital after the transplant, I felt like shit, man!

He was sitting in his room quietly reading a book, when I approached him. Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski is a warm, down to earth person who makes you feel good when you are around. Having been active for over two and a half decades or so with BEHEMOTH, the man talks about life, music, getting back on track after the surgery and lots more in this special interview we did, just before their set at Deccan Rock- IV- 2016. Excerpts from the interview

MJM. Hello Adam, thanks for taking time out from your busy schedule and speaking with us. How you doing? 

Nergal: I am just a little bit off you know. I am just tired as I have been travelling since morning from Varanasi to get to this show. I am okay, I’ll be fine. I’ll just take a nap and I’ll be perfect for the show.

MJM. How was your recent trip to Varanasi? We did see some pictures as well. 

Nergal: Varanasi was very inspirational! It was crazy. It was super intense. A lot of things, you know, at the same time, moving in all directions (laughs). Its been two days, so I am still processing everything!

MJM. Behemoth is undoubtedly one of the biggest extreme metal bands to come out of the Polish region. Up to 1998 the band had a very raw sounding, black metal edge to it. When ‘Satanica released in 1998, the band moved towards a heavier sound, incorporating Black and Death metal elements, which was very different compared to the earlier releases. What was the inspiration behind this musical direction? 

Nergal: Well, you know, I don’t see it that way. We’ve got ten records under our belt and we just form our art and that’s it. I leave all these definitions and labelling and stuff you know for the fans. You need it, I don’t (laughs)! I write my music to express myself. I don’t really mind whatever tag people put us in. Whatever works, you know what I mean? It’s certainly metal, it’s not white metal but it’s gotta be dark or anything from dark to tyrannical or extreme stuff! But then again, it’s all definitions, I don’t give a fuck hahaha!


Picture by- Tim Tronckoe Photography

MJM. Talking about the album ‘Satanica’, do you think it laid the foundations for the future albums?

Nergal: I think every album is a brick in a wall. Every record is like a piece of a puzzle it just builds the whole big picture of what this band is all about. So yes, same as Grom and The Satanist. It’s got to be there to build that antecede that Behemoth is.

MJM. So how different was the scene back in the 90’s to how it is today? How do you see the way heavy metal has evolved over the last  two decades or so?


Nergal: Everything is evolving continuously due to the internet and just spreading the information like that! Thanks to the social media. I mean there was the internet in the 90’s but hardly any one had it in Poland. But today it’s on a whole new level, you know what I mean? It just refers to everything, including music, business and anything like that. I mean in our case, it didn’t really change much. You know, I just start with me and my guitar and just jam and come up with ideas in the rehearsal room and then we jam it again. We do it exactly the same way, as we did it in 1991/ 1992, that’s when we started. So with the internet and stuff, I am pretty keen on social media, it’s a cool weapon but our formula hasn’t changed ever since. It didn’t start like all of a sudden, contacting each other and making music through whatsapp. No, we are still old school, the organic way, like a bunch of guys just gather in and just create magic.

MJM. Lets talk about your personal life. Tell us about your family and how they have been supportive of your career. How have things been for you over the years? 

Nergal: It’s been good man, I mean like I have an amazing  family. Very supportive. They never charge me, they never try to convert me to become whatever or pick up a different profession and stuff. No, it was never like that! Its just a bunch of cool people, who are very loving that give me full support. I think the fact that the upbringing allows me to do what I want to, the way I want to because there was a lot of love in my family.


Nergal (left): In his hotel room where we interviewed him.

MJM. Do you listen to any other styles of music? Any artists you listen to off the record?

Nergal: Yeah (smiles)! You know like, there’s plenty. there’s hundreds of artists you know, no matter what I love to listen to. Yeah, its all far from metal but its all antique!

Listen to Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel

MJM. Was there a lowest point in your life that you had like to share with us? How did you get through it?

Nergal: You mean lowest point? Well, there has been. I don’t know if its the right place to talk about but in the end of the day, I am just happy with what I have, what I have achieved and what I am now, you know. Obviously, my life has been through a lot of ups and downs and billions of mistakes but that’s something that constituted this persona and brought me to this place. Its all good! (smiles)

MJM. You also opened a ‘Barber shop’ in Poland. What provoked you to start this?

Nergal: I think it’s a very manly thing. It feels good you know, it’s all about aesthetics and the spirit. I know you got plenty of Barber shops in India but there were not very, I mean ten years ago, there were none in Poland. So, it’s like a growing culture. I think its cool, very inspirational, I like it; to do something good for the society, that’s how I see it than just making money, I mean I can fully stand behind and say hey, “this is cool”, “this is honest”. There’s a more well dressed, more good looking ‘man industry’ you know. That’s always good. (smiles).

MJM. Getting back to the music. The Satanist released after your surgery. How did it feel like getting back on track and be mentally and physically apt to the direction you were heading towards? 

Nergal: I had to do a lot of work you know. It didn’t happen just like that. When I left the hospital after the transplant, I felt like shit, man. My muscles were all atrophy you know. I just wasn’t able to do anything other than just laying down and breathing. It took me a while to learn how to stand, how to walk, well, I am exaggerating now but I was super weak! I remember when my muscles were down in mass and the whole process was six months long. I just laid down and didn’t do much of movements. After six months, I had to learn how to run actually. When the first time I started running, I just fell off. I was just building up and building up, I knew that I would come back eventually but it was just a matter of time and I was super determined to just get back on track and I did.


BEHEMOTH– Live in India at Deccan Rock! Picture taken by Behemoth’s crew.

MJM. So you are playing in India for the first time at Deccan Rock, tell us about how you feel?

Nergal: It feels awesome! Its cool. It just feels good to be here in a first time. I mean like, Behemoth has been around for like 25 years or something. I have had that impression that I have played and been there everywhere and then that comes up, you visit a place, India is a pretty metal oriented country, I had say and we still haven’t played, which is a bummer! I was like ‘fuck’ it should have happened like years ago! But its happening for the first time and its super exciting because it keeps us going, it’s awesome! I just hope there’s a few more in the future that we haven’t explored and been to. Whether we are playing in Egypt or Morocco or anywhere, you know that you can play there. Just to expand and to explore and have other territories checked (smiles). That’s it, it’s like an invasion just to go invade a country and infecting people with our music, that’s how I see that.

MJM. What’s your set list going to be for tonight?

Nergal: It’s going to be full The Satanist and some encore that Behemoth ever dreams. You’ll recognise and will love it!

MJM. Well, thank you so much for speaking with us. 

Nergal: Pleasure! Thanks!

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Interviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Chief Editor)

Camera by- Manmeet Singh

META-STASIS: It’s going to be heavy as fuck | Interview | MJM

Meta-Stasis is one of UK’s most prolific Extreme metal bands of the recent past. Having released two ground breaking albums which were both commercially and critically acclaimed; the band returns to India with Deccan Rock- IV and is set to co-headline with BEHEMOTH! Freshly back from playing the Bloodstock Festival last weekend. I speak to the front man- Jeremy Gomez or popularly known as Solomon.J.Lucifer.Christ about the band’s music, imagery, early times and lots more: Excerpts from the interview-

MJM. Greetings from the Metaljesus camp! You played Bloodstock Festival last weekend. How was it? You guys must be tired now after a jam packed weekend.

Solomon J – Bloodstock was unbelievable. We enjoyed every second of it, we acted like a pack of wolves running wild on stage, it was madness. We had the most packed out tent in the Sofie Lancaster stage and biggest circle pit out of the whole weekend according to the press and friends. We can’t complain about that.

MJM. That sounds great! Speaking of the band, you guys were originally as a studio project, how did the idea of creating an actual band come by?

Solomon J – It developed from a studio project with the members from Sikth and Ted maul into a live band because of the good response we got from press and fans of the release of the first album ‘When the Mind Departs the Flesh‘. The bands concept traces back to Gibraltar childhood memories and friends. The name Meta-Stasis was given as a torn all Gibraltarians have to live with, myself being a Gibraltarian. Franco, a Spanish dictator once built a massive factory close to the south of Spain, with the intentions of when southernly winds blow across Spain, the poisonous gases the factory produces infiltrates the lungs of the people of Gibraltar causing a lot of cancer. Many protests have taken place by Spanish and Gibraltarian people to close the factory down but till this day it is still stands there. We do NOT need cancer in any shape way or form and the spreading of the disease in metastasising but we see it as the real anti Christ which shows no compassion towards humanity. We are Meta-stasis !!!!


MJM. What inspires you to write such lyrics? What was the concept behind the writing?

Solomon J – Concepts are of religion, personal turmoil, family and friend loss, psychosis and working with the mental health. This inspires me to write about the darkest corners of humanity.

MJM. How sure were you with the direction of the band’s music? The album, ‘When the Mind Departs the Flesh’ was a ground breaking album in the band’s career. It was critically and commercially acclaimed. Tell us about how this album was molded.

Solomon J – You can never be sure of a sound for a new band especially if it developed in a studio out of nowhere. The aim was to sound as heavy as possible and not to sound like every other band. When ‘The Mind Departs the Flesh Moulded’ from two months of self loafing in a negative house in Cockland. Ted Maul and Sikth members lived together in a house in London and so we turned the first floor of the house into a pro home studio recording the whole album from drums to vocals. It was all under the influence of the negative power !

Listen to ‘The Thorn’ here-

MJM. How different do you think was ‘The Paradox of Metanoia’, in terms of writing and approach with all the new members in place?

Solomon J – It was very different as it was no longer a studio project and we rehearsed songs and wrote songs partly at home and in a rehearsal room. Dynamics and song writing changed. Although the main writer was me, so the focus and direction was always the same. In ‘The Paradox of Metanoia‘ I Introduced a keyboard player to be able to trigger all the electronic sections. The band aimed to go for a more of a cross breed in music mixing extreme metal with jungle/drum and bass.

MJM. How important was it to keep an eye on the band’s on-stage imagery?

Solomon J – It’s always important to give a good impression live, we all wear our rotten suits, all suits have been hand made and buried in a hole in gardens for months drenched in vinegar and bleach. It’s important to not just look good but to smell at your best in every gig. Shock factor !


MJM. Whose idea was it to establish such make up and costumes? Even perhaps the whole idea of Psychos, Serial Killers, Medical terminologies, hospital, nurses etc.,

Solomon J – It was an idea myself and the band had before when the mind departs the flesh came along. I myself have been fascinated with serial killers since an early age. I work with humans with severe problems in life such as psychosis, aggression, serial offenders and many medical conditions. My life evolves around extreme human conditions and dark motives in life.

MJM. How do people react after the performance, especially teenage girls that you might come across?

Solomon J – Most people react shocked I don’t know about teenage girls. They might run to their parents I guess.


MJM. Have you ever come across funny public commentary because of such an appearance?

Solomon J – I think we have been called many things and been compared to many horror movies. It’s something you accept and move on. Once our key board player was called the owner of Kentucky fried chicken. They have also commented on our bass player’s hands as he has exceptionally large hands that cover his whole bass but unfortunately has a small winky.

MJM. Favorite artists other than Metal?

Solomon J – Fx Twins, Jeffery Darmer, Gojira, Strapping young lad, Morbid Angel, Alice in Chains, Slipknot, Salvador Dali, Ted Bundy, HR Giger, KFC, Chicken dandy.

MJM. Any favorite movies or TV series you love watching?

Solomon J – I hardly watch TV as I’m always painting or writing music. Although I love good dark horror movies like sinister, the exorcist, Texas chainsaw massacre, American horror story, insect programs, crime and serial killer documentaries.


MJM. On a rather serious note, within a short span of time as a band, what are the most striking changes you see as a whole? People have also referred to Meta-Stasis as the ‘New Generation of Extreme Metal’. How does it feel to be honored with such titles? Do you think about it at all?

Solomon J – I think its great people think like that and can see the vision we entail. It’s taken the band a few years for people to understand what we are about. I guess it’s sometimes a hard capsule to swallow when you cross music genres for some true metal fans. It can be a hard pill to digest having all these styles in one band. But that’s what makes Meta-stasis. Defiantly, Metal Days, Bloodstock and India are the bands highlights.

MJM. Speaking of India, you guys played here earlier this year and are now returning back with Deccan Rock IV, co-headlining alongside BEHEMOTH! What’s running through your mind now?

Solomon J – We had the best times of our lives in India in January 2016 unforgettable. It was an honour to play to such a beautiful country and people. Getting invited back to India main supporting the mighty behemoth is like a dream for most of us. We are over excited and we can’t wait to come back and destroy India again with new songs and a killer new set that’s on fire !!

MJM. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of India?

Solomon J – Beauty, freedom, purity, friendliness, good people, curries, chicken, sweat, floating feeling, stomach pains and pure metal.

MJM. So, what is the setlist going to be like?

Solomon J – It’s going to be heavy as fuck with loads of diversity which will take you to the darkest hell your human brain can ever take you. Not for the weak hearted.


MJM. Do you have any last words for Indian fans?

Solomon J – We are coming for you all so show us your God !

MJM. Anyways, thanks for speaking to us. Looking forward to watching you guys here at Deccan Rock-IV. All the best with the upcoming shows and tours.

Solomon J: Respect and dandy !

Book tickets for Deccan Rock IV by entering ‘MJM’ followed by ‘your name’ in the name sections. Ex: MJM Harsha. Booking tickets this way would automatically put you in the list of buyers who are eligible in a draw to win specially signed posters from BEHEMOTH themselves! CLICK HERE.

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Meta pic 3_0617

Interviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/ Chief Editor)

India is up for a very big treat- Renu McGarry (Orka Networks/Deccan Rock)

Deccan Rock- IV is scheduled to take place on September 24th, 2016 with the legendary Polish Extreme Metallers BEHEMOTH headlining this edition. The tickets are set to go on floors soon and here’s an interview with the organiser who has been the main pillar behind brand Orka Networks, Renu McGarry, who has been responsible for bringing down bands such as Amon Amarth, Textures etc., to India over the years. This edition promises to be the biggest one, focusing on Global Warming and other environmental issues. Speaking about how things worked all this while and what makes the Indian crowd different from the West, the Touring agencies and of course the risks involved in putting up huge festivals such as this. Excerpts-

MJM. What was the idea behind Deccan Rock? What provoked you to work on a big scale event such as this?

Renu- Orka Networks started out in 2007 where we worked with local artists doing smaller pub shows but in 2009, I watched Opeth at Saarang which actually got me and my partner back then to start working on our own festival. We contacted so many bands including Testament, Arch Enemy, Nile, Morbid Angel, Meshuggah, Children of Bodom to name a few! Eventually managed to book Amon Amarth and Textures. To be very honest considering we had absolutely no experience in handling such a vast scale event we were hands down so bad at managing things. Thanks to some of them at the festival who stepped up to help us out! A big shout out to Naveen Deshpande and Anupam Roy for being absolute legends!

The idea behind Deccan Rock was always to bring down bands that probably would never have had a chance to tour India (obviously things have changed now drastically). Another important thing for me is promoting awareness on climate change and making this India’s first eco-friendly metal festival. This would be our 4th attempt and I have a positive feeling we might be able to meet this target.

MJM. You have been organising festivals for many years now, what is your most treasured memory?

Renu- I’ve been asked this so many times, I think with each festival and artist we worked with we have had memories good and bad. Two of my most treasured memories happen to be with – Textures who have been so supportive during my first ever international gig. The advices they’ve given me still help me to this day. Second being with Gojira – I remember listening to them for the first time at a friend’s house party after Deccan Rock II and telling them that it would be me bringing them to India. Probably drunk talk but I still did it, that festival was all over the place and my team had to handle everything little thing including production that wasn’t our responsibility. I’m glad it turned out that way though because we’ve had so much to learn.


Team Deccan Rock with Gojira

MJM. By having the legendary band BEHEMOTH as the headliner for this year, how difficult was it to book them?

Renu- Considering we have a very good relationship with the agencies around the world it wasn’t very difficult to book Behemoth. Having said that I’ve been talking to Nergal (Adam Darski) for over two year now to work something out and I’m glad everything fell into place.

MJM.  You have worked with many big names in the past, dealt with many international acts. How was the experience? How excited are you to work with BEHEMOTH this year?

Renu- As mentioned earlier, every festival we have worked with has had its own share of good and bad experiences and I wouldn’t want it any other way. As with any business its ever changing there is always these new challenges to face. Not everything is book learnt especially in the live music industry. One needs to take positive lessons from your hardships/failures – like my Dad would word it.

I am super excited to work with Behemoth they are so ridiculous live! I watched them in London along with Cradle of Filth. India is up for a very big treat! Consider this as an early Christmas present from Orka (No Pun Intended).

MJM.  What motivates you to pull off massive festivals such as this?

Renu- I’ve been doing this long enough that this is has taken up a big part of my life – I just wouldn’t know what else to do if I had to stop doing this. Or I could just say ‘beer and bitches’.

MJM. What are some of the most challenging things that go down the line?

Renu- Every tiny aspect that goes down in organising a festival can be challenging. Even a smallest thing like not having enough water could create so much trouble for you in the end. Mostly I’d say not having an efficient team and enough money to back you up are the biggest challenges.

MJM. I guess this is the most commonly asked question. How do you choose your artists?

Renu- It’s mostly bands that I want to work with but also we follow up with the crowd here as well as the popularity of the band in the country. When we are working with our clients it’s usually what their choice of artist is.


Festival Promoter- Renu McGarry (Orka Networks- Deccan Rock)

MJM. What makes the Indian crowd different from the others? Besides, Orka Networks extends to the UK as well.

Renu- I’ve heard so many bands say that Indian crowd is so much more passionate and I couldn’t agree more.

MJM. Orka has also been responsible for organising many successful tours for several international bands in India, one of the fewest ventures to do so. In your opinion, why is it hard to build a strong infrastructure for touring agencies in India as compared to the west?

Renu- To begin with our country is a lot bigger than the West. We do not have the kind of transport to travel to the next city in a few hours unless the promoters can afford flights. There’s no way promoters can recover the flight cost.

I’ve had this discussion with a few musicians around and they always said it’s difficult to carry back line between the cities. I agree but I think small changes could bring a touring culture in the country. For example, in the UK all backline (amps/drumkit etc) are provided by the bands performing at the gig. Surely the local bands supporting the headliner can provide this sort of equipment to help promoters and other musicians.

Here in India, the promoters are expected to provide the entire tech rider, flights, swish accommodation and a fee – in return just earn 10,000-20,000 on the door sales, keeping in mind that metal gigs have no sponsorship.

In the UK the promoter just pays the band – the band has to take care of their travel, accommodation, backline, van, food etc. The bands in the UK are open to idea of couch surfing so they save a bit on their accommodation. A lot of fans help out in putting the band up after their shows in their respective cities.

Perhaps there’s room for fans, promoters and bands to work together to make the touring culture more realistic.

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MJM. Tell us about your team Orka.

Renu- One of the most best efficient teams I’ve had for a while. Mayur Agarwal heads the Hyderabad office and handles most of our college/university clients and also tour manages the International bands.

Sukumar (famously known as Pandu) has been with Orka since I started out in 2007 – He handles ground production. Harin Abhinav handles sponsorships and also fills in for tour management while Mayur’s away.

Baiju Philip who joined us in 2010 and has been handling local gigs/tour management and was also a major part of Deccan Rock.

Our latest addition to the team is Prarthana Venunathan who handles media and PR in the company.

We also have Pratika Prabhune who’s now freelancing for Deccan Rock IV and handling social media marketing.

Lastly, Paul Mcgarry – my husband who deals with my anxiety and craziness during events.

MJM. Thanks for speaking to us!

Renu- I look forward to seeing you guys at Deccan Rock IV!



Deccan Rock is the first Annual International Metal Festival in support of Global Warming.

Full lineup for Deccan Rock 2016 – The Fourth Edition, September 24th, 2016:

Inner Sanctum
Dark Helm
Elemental (India)

Interviewed by-

Pranav Swaroop (Metaljesus Magazine)

BEHEMOTH set to headline Deccan Rock IV- Hyderabad (India)!

After a hiatus of 3 years, one of the most reputed metal festivals of India, Deccan Rock strikes hard with a mammoth of a line up this year! This 2016 edition is a conceptual one which will focus on spreading awareness about environmental issues such as Global warming and climate change and is currently associated with local NGO’s and Government Organizations. It’s quite an initiative and cheers to team Orka Networks for making this edition a terrific one.

Teaser that was released earlier-

Various speculations arose about the band that is set to headline and some of course were quite obvious. The news about the headliner was trending on social media unlike anything else that I have seen before! It’s time to reveal the headliner now. This year’s Deccan Rock- The Fourth Edition will be headlined by the legendary extreme metal deity BEHEMOTH from Poland!


Poster designed by- Yuvraj Bhatnagar

The band commands a massive fan base in the South Asian region. This is the first time they will be playing in India and it’s time to block your dates and save up now! This is indeed an ultimate treat for Indian metalheads, where they finally get to watch their gods play live. Other bands on the bill include Extreme metal band Meta-stasis from UK, deathsters Inner Sanctum, Elemental, Primitiv and more!

The festival is scheduled to take place in Hyderabad (India) on September 24th, 2016 at Leonia Holistic Destination- Hyderabad Resort.


Get event details here- DECCAN ROCK- IV

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Written by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/Chief Editor)