If you are keen on joining the team Metaljesus Magazine (India), feel free to email us here. Remember, the website makes no penny and expecting a pay out of this would be out of the league. If you still wish to contribute to gain experience or for the love of the music; you can hit us up anytime. You are always welcome. Please go through the given points below.

Positions available- Reviewers

                               – Interviewers

                               – News Reporter

Some things to remember if you wish to join

  1. You will NOT be paid as said earlier because the site makes no income and everyone currently involved here in the site, merely do it out of passion.
  2. Depending on your tasks (Reviews/ news articles/ interviews etc.,); you will get access to music when necessary, that is LEGAL and Watermarked by the respective/ concerned sender, so MAKE SURE the music stays only with you and out of reach of THIRD PARTIES. As there is a good chance that it can get traced back and action maybe taken against you in person. MJM will NOT take any responsibility for the misuse you may have done as you agree to this term while you apply for team membership.
  3. Have a wide knowledge about the music in general. You don’t have to be professional musician.
  4. Have good basic write up skills and creativity; here I don’t mean you have to be a good graphic designer or know every word in the dictionary. We are all humans, we continue to learn and grow. Try to be professional with your approach/ presentation skills while writing. That’s all.
  5. To submit tasks on time, usually within 7 to 10 days after you take up the task.
  6. The site administrator will follow up with your given tasks regularly for submissions.


The site is currently being edited and is being customized in many areas. So any old posts you see, might be removed or modified and a complete make over is being planned for the whole site.

If you are good to go with everything, please feel free to hit us up!


Harsha Vardhan  (Metaljesus Magazine- Owner/ Chief Editor)

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