DEMOLITION MAN (VENOM INC): I guess I got to Hollywood and realized it has to be ALL you want!

Venom Inc have been causing a stir in the metal scene ever since their inception in 2015, when the core lineup of the Prime Evil era Venom decided to reunite once again and unleash Mayhem upon this place. In the realm of their classic sounding Metal music yet again, we have with us today, Tony the ‘Demolition Man’ Dolan who is the frontman of this mammoth of a band as well as the legendary Atomkraft. 

MJM. What prompted you to reform Venom Inc with the original members?

TD: Keep It True festival and Oliver (the promoter of the fest). He approached me after an Atomkraft show and basically asked if he booked M:PIRE of EVIL for the festival (The band myself and Mantas were doing at the time) what would be the chances of getting Abaddon to join onstage and okay a few Venom classic. I said it couldn’t happen but he said, if anyone could make it happen, I could; so please can you try. So I did and that was that really. We performed for over 2000 as M:PIRE then brought Abaddon onstage and played some Venom classics and from there, here we are. Unexpected but seemed everyone wanted to see us and so off we went, no management, no label and no plan, just play wherever they want us to go amazing.

MJM. What did you feel about the NWOBHM scene of the eighties and what were your favorite bands at the time, when bands like Angel Witch, Witchfynde, and Savage were on the rise?

TD: Ah.. well Raven, AngelWitch, Motorhead, ACDC, Rose Tattoo; the NWOBHM? Not for me, I’m afraid lol; it’s why ATOMKRAFT was a smash between punk and Motorhead just not a scene I really got into the music wasn’t fitting for me, I like the different bands that stood out; early Maiden, Priest, Sabbath.

MJM. You were one of the founding Members of Atomkraft that was often considered as the ‘brother’ of Venom. How did these transitions from that to Venom take place?

TD: Yes, we started a little before them I guess as a punk outfit then I hear Motorhead and it was all over hahaha their transition was easy and I truly never thought too much about it except cool play songs I like and make and album with friends was my ONLY reaction. I read so much bollocks about how and when and after I left but it was simple. I knew the guys and was friends and liked the bands music. I was doing extreme stuff at the same time so was a no brainer I guess, I never presumed and it was a surprise but it was great fun and when it wasn’t I left, simple. We had great response and success with Prime Evil; again I have read lots of diatribe about the albums etc., but in reality that’s all propaganda and spin to diminish that material but it simple (sad to say and sorry) was and is not true lol but hey, who cares now right.

MJM. How did you come up with the moniker of ‘Demoliton Man’?

TD: In the old days haha! All bands used to do solo spots drums solos guitar and bass and it was on one occasion I went into a crazed bass solo thing and pulled over all my equipment, sparks and valves everywhere; fire and smoke people running around like crazy trying to out it all out and back together. I was laughing so hard but also thinking “shit, this isn’t my equipment” then my guitarist at the time just walked to the mic and said ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, The Demolition Man’ hahaha and it stuck ever since.

MJM. Now that Venom is re-established as Venom Inc, how were people reacting to it?

TD: Incredible! I mean, Incredible THEY have driven this whole thing around the planet 3 times and to a new album, we never planned or even thought about… it is the FANS that have done this, so thank you. Fully, when I hear detractors try and say all kinds of horseshit to make people believe them but the truth is we are here and so is the album because of the fans and for that we are eternally grateful and I hope we never let you down like the others do.

MJM. You were quite disturbed with some criticism that surrounded you during the reformation time with fans pulling out names from other members. Did it have any effect on you as a person? How did you tackle such receptions?

TD: It’s always to be expected, I respond when I feel it is too personal because that can work both ways but beyond that nothing can or should stop you other than death, if it is in your heart and you are true and real, then just do as you wish, people will always want to be negative but to be honest; I admire great passion and music brings out great passion for good and bad; you cannot accept praise, if you are not prepared for the none praise hard as that is, it is normal.

MJM. Did the constant change of band members affect the band’s mood as a whole?

TD: I think so. I think they lost their way and forgot who they were, perhaps some are still searching and hoping to regain that but it is 2017 and not 1981 any more. We are all over 50 and not in our 20’s, so it is time to just be ourselves with nothing to prove to anyone but just play music and enjoy the time with our fans the more the merrier..

MJM. Let’s talk about the new Venom Inc. How’s it going with the band, musically?

TD: Superb! We play the old material like it has just been written and with a passion and ferocity it was intended to be played as this is not the ‘Rolling Stones’ or Fleetwood Mac’ haha and not Van Halen too hahahaha, this is VENOMESQUE. The new material fits right in there and very happily.


MJM. Tell us about the new album- Ave.

TD: It’s powerful and dark. Deals with themes as our music and the fans and the whole experience. Salutes our influences and deals with the main theme, man. What we are doing, how we are perceived by each other our strengths that also become our weaknesses; where we are, how we respond to our lives and what we believe and the darkness we hide inside. It does not preach, it simply narrates.

MJM. Two tracks ‘Dein Fleisch’ and ‘Avé Satanas’ received great response. How are things looking close to the release?

TD: Just breathtaking responses, so far I have seen incredible reviews, so I cannot say more. It seems the level of excitement is palpable. Let’s see what happens. I just wanna get out and play it now haha!


MJM. Outside of your music career you are also an Actor and have featured in movies like Judge Dredd, Dirty War, etc. could you tell us about your experience in this field?

TD: Well it was, very much like Venom Inc now, a happy accident. I was working as a technician in theatre and had an opportunity, offered to go onstage for a show and took it. I like to challenge myself and feel in life you should. You never know what you can achieve if you do not challenge yourself. Yes, you could fail but you will never know if you do not try and who wants regrets because they were afraid to try NOT ME! From that one favor I did, I went on to do Stage and TV and them Movies. Judge Dredd with Stallone yes and Master and Commander with Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany (now in the Avengers). I was very fortunate to have played a variety of roles, commercial and radio voiceovers; all very cool to do a little directing and writing also. I guess I got to ‘Hollywood’ and realized it has to be ALL you want to do because it is hard and you really need to be prepared to sell your soul for it. I guess, I’d already sold mine because it was me. I love acting but that thing can destroy people, it’s not who I am, so I returned to my first love music. I could have continued. I still get offers now. And I have one of the best agents wanting me but it just wasn’t me completely but like I said earlier, you only find out who you truly are by doing. So I’m very happy with it.

MJM. How has the experience of playing in various bands inspired you as a person over the last few decades?

TD: People not the bands have inspired me. I take inspiration from Life, from Fans, from music, food, places. Tasting, watching and talking to people of all kinds gives you an experience to realize we are all in it together. I am fortunate enough, I have been all over the planet and that in itself is inspirational. Never forget while you are alive LIVE!


MJM. Your US tour begins soon. How are things looking now?

TD: Things look great. September 1st North America then the UK; South America and after Xmas, Asia and New Zealand and Australia. Then back to a full European tour and all grasping the new album! What could be better!

MJM. Any last words for your fans here and what they can expect from the new album?

TD: Yes, thank you for all the support. You can expect an album that we give to you as a token of thanks. Hopefully, something on there for everyone. It IS who we are and from our passion- 100% ourselves, POWER with out Blackest Souls and enjoyment with a lust for life. Who we are and how we perform we give ourselves AVE.

Connect with the band-

Facebook | Twitter | New Album 

Interviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Chief Editor/ Owner); Anirudh Gollapudi (Content Writer)

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