PLAGUE THROAT- The Human Paradox | Album Review

One of India’s most celebrated Death Metal acts PLAGUE THROAT have finally put down their debut full length album- The Human Paradox via Transcending Obscurity Records that is all set to release this May 30th, 2017.

Upon the first listen, I could clearly sense that the band has taken the Old School Death Metal trait with a horde of brutality down their path sticking to the roots of their ascendants. Unlike their debut EP, this album carries a much better production and enriched with immense technicality and variety. I still remember watching them live a couple of times and these guys absolutely butcher everything in their path and carry the ultimate motto of ‘No bullshit Death Metal’. It was interesting to witness how well they could refurbish their studio quality on a live stage. Perhaps, that’s also one of the reasons why they are among the top tier bands in the sub-continent.

The Human Paradox can be termed as the band’s most ambitious project till date. It’s impressive that the band has still managed to put this release without compromising on anything and after everything that they have been through. The album is a sturdy amalgamation of blood, sweat and Death Metal. Front man, Nangsan has epitomized the guitars with great riffs and skills. The writing involves a great mixture of old school styles and improvisation, yet abiding by their lineage. The focus of the band is clear-cut and it is exceptionally stylized to fit into the current era in their own distinct fashion. It’s a fine spirit that lies embedded in this album. The speed and the essence of melody is deep rooted within. Tracks like ‘Dominion Breach‘, ‘Fallible Transgression‘ easily stand out. You can definitely hear a Dying Fetus, a Cannibal Corpse, some Suffocation and Hypocrisy as well but the band knows what they want. The solo in ‘Conception Subjection‘ is worth mentioning too. The track ‘Hour of Darkness‘ and ‘Corporeal‘ are great tracks that show the core of the bass lines. It’s very groovy and reckons the depth of the album. New addition to the band, Jerry has taken the responsibility for the bass sessions.

PLAGUE THROAT (India) – Fallible Transgression (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (Death Metal)

Nangsan‘s style of death growls focuses more on clear vocal exhibition without stressing and also adds a raspy element which sounds compelling at the same time. Influenced by the likes of Frank Mullen, Corpsegrinder to name a few. The man behind the kit, Malice deserves a special mention as this is clearly his best work. It’s the drums that complement the overall gut of the album. The drums have splattered the ruthless nature of this record. From terrific double bass to the extreme blast beats; they maintain a rich tone throughout without losing out on it. His agility and dexterity to adapt to a wide style is greatly elucidated from the start till the end without any hindrances. The track ‘Conflict Resolution‘ is everything that I have described above.

This album will go down as one of the best releases for this year. One of the most remarkable factors in this album is the fact that it is fluid. There’s a really good flow between the songs and nothing seemed to be a bad addition to this album. The consistency is maintained well which is one of the most important things to be noted.

Plague Throat‘s The Human Paradox is a Death Metal album in it’s finest form. The impeccable artisanship of these guys are yet again proved to a great extent.


Ratings: 95%

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Review by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine- Owner/ Chief Editor)


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