DYING FETUS [TREY WILLIAMS]: Bands that betray their fans have a hard time gaining back their trust and faith.

DYING FETUS, the American Death Metal group has released some of the greatest Death Metal records in history. With their new album ‘Wrong One To Fuck With‘; the band has pretty much annihilated everything in it’s path to release their much anticipated album after a mammoth 5 years. Trey Williams, the band’s drummer speaks to us in this exclusive interview about a variety of things such as the new album, tour life, India, food and much more. Excerpts:

MJM. Hey there, greetings from MJM! How are you doing?

Trey: I’m doing well; we just got back from a tour. I’m taking a few days to myself before going back to work.

MJM. This also happens to be your tenth year with Dying Fetus. How do you feel now? How has your journey been?

Trey: It’s great. I’m in my favorite band from high school. Being in Dying Fetus has allowed me to see the world. And I got to see India also!  We had an awesome time in Shillong, when we were there.

MJM. Congratulations on the upcoming new album ‘Wrong one to Fuck With’; tell us more about the name! It’s a catchy name and we would love to know how you guys decided it as the album title!

Trey: The album was without a name for a while. It was the last part we needed to create. We needed the album name to sound strong and imposing. So we took the song title “Wrong One To Fuck With” and used it as the album title also.  And we wanted to use a bit of shock and awe to get some attention.


MJM. Having been in this journey for such a long time, did you ever feel the urge to change the sound of the band? Many bands are sort of changing their sound, as they grow. You guys are still crushing it like the old times! What are your thoughts on that?

Trey: We would never change the direct of this band.  It is a brand and our brand works. If we wanted to do another style of music we would start a different project, and keep dying fetus intact. Bands that betray their fans have a hard time gaining back their trust and faith. Consistency is the key.

DYING FETUS – “Your Treachery Will Die With You” (Official Music Video)

MJM. The last record was released about 5 years ago. How did the writing for the new album start off? 

Trey: We did need some time to switch back into writing mode. We put touring on the back burner unless the offer was good.  And reign supreme was well liked and it improved our ability to stay on tour.  It also took a long time because we really tried to make a good album.  Even the art was greatly discussed and worked on. Quality was the top priority!

MJM. I love the lyrics that you guys put up; it’s not something random. It’s very sensible and certainly conveys messages that really matters a lot in this society. Who does the writing? Do you guys sit together and sort of discuss this or is it just one man taking over the lyrical aspect of it?

Trey: Sean wrote all the lyrics on this one.  We named the songs first and then tried to provide themes to the names. With a theme in place, Sean would have a good starting point. He would consult us and ask us for ideas if he was stumped.

MJM. The band visited India back in 2014. Anything you guys remember from the show here? Are you planning to visit the country again because Indian fans are dying to watch you guys live?

Trey: I kind of touched on this earlier. I enjoyed the food, the scenery, and the fans. We would like to return to India in the future.

MJM. You guys toured recently with Hatebreed, how was it?

Trey: The Hatebreed guys were very cool. We could not have asked for a better time.  I just hope we can tour with them again.

DYING FETUS – “Fixated On Devastation” (Official Music Video)

MJM. Tell us more about the album, what separates it from the rest and still make a powerful Dying Fetus record?

Trey: I wanted this album to burrow its melodies into the head of the listener. We wanted to have you wishing the songs would get out of your head. Heads bouncing along the whole time.

MJM. The metal community is always critical about how a band sounds, and there is always a comparison going on between the old and the new. So what’s your take on that? Is it necessary to always compare between the old and new?

Trey: You can’t stop that from happening. Even at your day job your performance will be compared to your previous work.  Of course, some people will say that a different album was better.

MJM. What are your genuine expectations from your fans? Are you guys nervous, as it’s been 5 years since the last album?

Trey: I expect our fans to throw down in the pit!


MJM. Any message for the fans that look up to you and are eagerly waiting for your record?

Trey: Thanks for all the support. Without the fans, we would be nothing. It’s all about you, the fans.

MJM. Thank you so much for speaking with us! Hope to see you here in India soon again!

Trey: Thanks and cheers!

“Wrong One To Fuck With“ track listing:

01. Fixated On Devastation
02. Panic Amongst The Herd
03. Die With Integrity
04. Reveling In The Abyss
05. Seething With Disdain
06. Ideological Subjugation
07. Weaken The Structure
08. Fallacy
09. Unmitigated Detestation
10. Wrong One To Fuck With


Wrong One To Fuck With will be releasing on June 23 via Relapse Records. 

Pre-Order Here  | Bandcamp

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Interviewed by-

Smashhead (Metaljesus Magazine- Editor)


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