“DIMMU BORGIR likely to release surprise album this year”, says Silenoz!

Just when people were basking in Dimmu Borgir‘s latest DVD- Forces of the Northern Night. There was a possibility of the band to release a brand new album as we hinted at them before. Silenoz, in an interview with Gigview talks “There will be some surprises, I’m sure. There’s going to be more of everything in many ways. It’s hard to describe at the moment because we are in the middle of the process so to speak. But I don’t think any fan of Dimmu past and present will have anything to complain about. Of course there are some people that are going to complain, but they will complain no matter what, they already made up their mind five months before the album comes out (laughs).”

Silenoz also hinted that the first single ‘may’ come this fall summer. Adding, “Hopefully this summer, let’s see how it goes if all goes well.”


Source- Metal Injection / Gig View

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