GRAJO- Self titled album ‘Grajo’ | Album Review

Grajo is one of the very few bands which instantly got me to check their record out with just the very first listen of their single titled ‘Golden Cemetery (Betrayal)‘. This is a Stoner/ Doom Metal band from Córdoba, Spain; currently signed under DHU Records and have released a split album in the past with Atavismo and released their self-titled record last year. While this album was released a year back. It’s one of the rarest albums from the Underground that has the potential to be an unquestionable classic in the future.

Grajo – Golden Cemetery (Betrayal)

The band has a very a different flair when it comes to playing their style Doom Metal and create riffs that are fuzzy, catchy and memorable with the rhythm section being able to show a very powerful presence on the album. However, it is the choice of vocals employed by the band that is very unique and sets them apart from their contemporaries. Liz, the vocalist of the band employs clean vocals throughout and can belt out high notes with as much ease and has a very commanding presence in this record. Each song is well crafted and perfectly executed by all the members with there being some very impressive melodies by guitarist Josef who also plays the theremin for the band. The songs have something or the other which makes the album a unique piece that warrants repeated listens like the superb chorus from the album opener, ‘I am the Sea‘ to the super catchy riffs on ‘The Devil Rides Out‘ and the finale of the album ‘Imperium‘ which consists of some very cool instrumentation and the captivating vocals that are layered over the track and merges well, towards the end of the song.


The album also consists of the song ‘Feeding Our Demons‘ which was also featured on their Split album which was released a the year before and has to be one of the best songs ever made in the genre in recent memory.  The album as a whole is flawless and has the lasting quality that most albums lack and can still be an enjoyable listen even after repeated listens of this album. It shall be noted that the stylistic choice of vocals can make you fall in love with the band if you like usage of clean vocals in the slower side of metal music however, even if one does not like such type of  vocals, the instrumentations will definitely win you over as a listener.

Grajo “Feeding Our Demons” Official Lyric Video (Bonus)


1. I am The Sea
2. Golden Cemetery (Betrayal)
3. Magic Eye
4. The Devil Rides Out
5. Imperium
6. Feeding our Demons (Bonus)

Ratings: 95%

Connect with the band-

Facebook | Bandcamp

Reviewed by-

Anirudh Gollapudi (Metaljesus Magazine)


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