Indian Thrash Metal band, CHAOS is all set to put out their next album, ‘All Against All’, which is gearing up for a Transcending Obscurity India release on June 15th, 2017. This isn’t the first release of the band that I have heard, their previous album ‘Violent Redemption‘ gave these guys a solid designation. For a band that hails from one of the remotest parts of India, they have pretty much clasped the attention of many metalheads over the last decade or so with their grade of Trash Metal with Groove and Crossover influences. Often reminding people of bands such as Pantera, Municipal Waste, Nuclear Assault to name a few.

‘All Against All’ is one such album. An album that would speak for itself. The Great Divide seemed like quite a start for the album with exploding drum work and sleek guitar solo. I particularly liked how the variety was carried through out this track, without losing any momentum. It was also interesting to watch the band make an official music video for the title track ‘All Against All‘. It’s one of the fastest tracks and also a personal favourite. Really enjoyed the concept of the video that mirrors the theme of the album itself. It was definitely an ingenious attempt at it’s best. Probably one of the best music videos for an Indian band in terms of concept, intensity and cutting edge shots.

Watch All Against All (Official Music Video)

The second half of the album is churned well with a lot of ‘Groove’ elements in contrast to more ‘Thrash’ laden riffs in the first half. However, the blend has been brought out well with some great production value and writing skills. The balance is well epitomized. This band is purely influenced by the typical Bay Area Thrash scene which can be observed in their compositions. The album ending on a high with a track like ‘The Escape‘ is a good reason to press the replay button. You can already sense that the album has left a lasting impression. It is good, powerful and wild!

One of the striking things about this band is the originality. While you listen to their songs, you can definitely sense that these guys are heavily influenced by a lot of Thrash Metal and Crossover bands from the late 80’s; but in their own unique style causing room for a lot of improvisation. I think this has given them the freedom to incorporate their own perception. It’s worth mentioning about guitar areas in this album. The sections have been well written. I honestly think that this is the biggest strength of the album. Particularly the quick opening track ‘The Great Divide’‘Indoctrination’‘The Enemy‘ to name a few. Blistering solos and the playing style has definitely left a strong mark. The drums played by Manu Krishnan is as good as ever. It’s so good to hear him play. He is energetic and immensely capable. That’s what makes him one of the best drummers from the sub-continent. One thing that I wish to have a take on, is the vocals. While you have an umpteen amount of variety in this album, it must be noted that the vocals have only left a little to be desired. I am not saying it’s bad in it’s entirety but it could have broken the monotonous singing style and display. While the vocals are good and the portrayal might have been good in a way; the vocal exhibition could have been improvised with a lot more ‘diversity’ in this record.


Nevertheless, it’s a neat album. Particularly recommended for fans of Municipal Waste, Ultra-Violence, Pantera, Overkill as such.

Ratings- 80%

Connect with the band-

Facebook | Bandcamp | Soundcloud


Reviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine- Chief Editor/ Owner)


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