LORD MARCO [SIX FEET UNDER]: I never let my kids hear my music. My wife does not listen to metal.

Lord Marco has been drumming since the age of nine and has not looked back since then. His passion for Metal has been immense and as much as how he enjoys the music, he is a responsible father, who spends most of his time with family, when not touring. Today, we managed to catch up with him to speak about his personal life, family, the new Six Feet Under album ‘Torment‘ which he recorded and much more. Excerpts:

MJM. You have been drumming since you were 9 years old. Have you ever been tired?

Marco: I never have been tired from drumming. I get tired from literally everything else that I do that is not Music. Haha. Playing music is unfortunately at the bottom of my long list of daily work and chores. Even if I could drum everyday, I would never get tired from that.

MJM. Having played Extreme Metal alone for over 16 years, have you ever felt an urge to explore more into this form of music?

Marco: I love playing Metal music. When I was younger I was into all types of music, but as a teenager Metal music was all I loved. I knew from the first time I heard double bass drumming that was what I wanted to do forever.

MJM. The new Six Feet Under record has been getting positive reviews from all over the world. How does it feel, since it’s your first ‘studio recorded’ album with them?

Marco: For me it is very exciting. I never really felt the urge or drive to be apart of a SFU album. Chris had usually just recruited other musicians to record, but when Chris told me that he really wanted me on this album, I got very excited. I am truly glad and happy; I was on this album because my long time friend and band mate Jeff Hughell wrote all the music for it.


Chris Barnes– Courtesy: Facebook

MJM. You have of course, been with SFU for nearly 5 years now, how would you describe the connection with them? Considering that you have played for a variety of projects.

Marco: It is crazy to think I have been in SFU the longest out of all the bands I have played for. That alone should speak a lot of how I feel. It is hard to tour and to play music and I am grateful to be in an established band that can tour and do big things comfortably. My whole life I have always wanted to be apart of a “real band” and SFU is the closest I have ever been to that sort of feeling.

MJM. How different is this album compared to the previous releases? It’s definitely slow, heavy, and groovy that swells around the listener, leaving a grand impression. At least that’s how I felt.

Marco: Torment to me is the perfect classic SFU feel with more of a modern death metal twist to it. I feel like Jeff did a good job writing heavy and fast music as well as groovy and slower songs too. I feel like this is the best album SFU has put out.

MJM. What really astonished me was the fact that your style of drumming implemented in this album is a lot different from the kind you normally play. There’s definitely a lot of blast beats and tempo but how would you describe this adaptation in SFU?

Marco: In every band I play in, I try to adapt. To me, I try to play what is needed, or best sounding to the music. It would have been silly to play nonstop blast beats to SFU. I always try to adapt to what is needed. And I feel this sort of “feelings” in music, are what gives a band true character and sound.

They mostly just wanted me to go to school and get good grades.

MJM. Tell us about your family and how they have supported you in your endeavours; since your early days.

Marco: Well my parents were always somewhat supportive. They mostly just wanted me to go to school and get good grades. I was never interested in school. But I did it anyways. After graduating high school I went to college for 1 year and never went back after that. I have been working and living on my own since. I now have 3 kids, and have been married for 11 years. My children and wife have always supported my music endeavours. I encourage my children to find what they love and to just ‘go for it.’ You never truly know what you’re capable of achieving unless you try! You’d be shocked at what you can do when you have to truly work and make time for it. It shocks me everyday. I don’t get to drum everyday, therefore it keep my passion and drive in all aspects of my life on edge. Time management is an important concept to understand if you want to do it all, like me.


MJM. You are also a father of three children. Describe the kind of relationship you share with them.

Marco: I work a regular day job. I work 5 days a week. My wife and I literally work opposite shifts. When I am at work, she is home with the kids. And when I am home, she is at work. So I am with my kids a lot which is great! But like I said above, time management is important to learn and figure out. I have recorded albums before while my children are napping. I have recorded and also practiced the drums at night when my wife and kids are asleep. I don’t sleep much. But if there’s one thing worth killing yourself over, it is your dreams.

MJM. How do they react to the kind of music you play?

Marco: I never let my kids hear my music. My wife does not listen to metal. Haha! When we drive around in the car, going to school or work, we play the radio. My theory is that you never want to be or listen to what your parents listen too. The music my parents listened to is NOT the music I listen too! Haha!

Listen to the full album ‘Torment’ out now via Metal Blade Records 

MJM. Have they ever been terrified by the lyrical content, artworks or anything as such? 

Marco: My kids like the artwork. They think that zombies and stuff like that is cool! But I never show them the lyrics or even the super gory artwork. I have a lot of t-shirts that I never wear at home! I am very respectful of my family. My metal life and style is almost a secret really. Plus, I prefer logo band shirts anyway.

MJM. What are the genres you normally enjoy outside metal?

Marco: Eh, I’ll listen to generic radio at home when I am driving with my family. It is good to get perspective on what the “mainstream” thinks what music should sound like. But I truly only listen to Metal. I am open minded to all genres, but metal is just so special to me.

MJM. What’s your take on the current political scenario in USA with Donald Trump coming in and the new set of policies?

Marco: I do not follow politics at all. To me voting for president doesn’t mean anything. You can vote for a Giant Douche or a Turd Sandwich. What’s the difference? I just want there to be no more wars and I want education to be the top priority of the entire world! World peace!

MJM. Musically, do you sense that some of the recent changes can create a barrier for artists/ bands wanting to tour USA and from the states to rest of the world?

Marco: Hmmm.. I am not sure. Honestly, touring in general is difficult. I feel like everyone is poor, so obviously you must have a real passion for this music to try to take it out on the road. I do feel like every one needs to travel more in general. The world is a lot smaller than it seems at times. We are all the same deep down. So it is truly important to support the artists you love because most of them probably don’t make much money from their art. And that is sad.

MJM. Do you think that many countries which have recently prohibited many artists/ bands from performing in their land due to various controversies have withheld the artistic freedom to express or how do you see it? Bands like Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse, Belphegor have been victims of such incidences, to name a few.

Marco: I am not fully aware of these conflicts. So I am not sure. I just feel like keeping certain bands /artists restricted from certain countries is stupid. Art should be heard and seen all over! Freedom of speech!

MJM. Let’s have a rapid fire question session. What comes to your mind when you think of the following?

Favorite Band- Origin

Favorite movie- Trolls

Favorite Actor- Jim Carrey

Favorite film maker- Disney

Favorite Food- Pizza

Favorite holiday spot- Amsterdam

Favorite show you have ever played in your career- Brutal Assault 2014

Close friends in the industry- too many to name. But most drummers in death metal.

Favorite co-bands to tour with- Vader, Decrepit Birth


MJM. Thanks you for speaking with us! It was a pleasure doing this interview. All the best with the upcoming days!

Marco: Thanks for having me! I hope to play a show in India someday with any of my bands!!! And please check out my website if you want to support me directly!

Connect with Marco-

Lord Marco- Website | Facebook- Lord Marco | Six Feet Under (Facebook) | Buy the new album

Interviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine- Chief Editor/ Owner)


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