Finnish Winter Metal band WOLFHEART release their 3rd album with a new music video!

Finnish winter metal band WOLFHEART have finally released their 3rd album that carries the name TYHJYYS (Finnish meaning: Emptiness). The album is officially out via Spinefarm Records.

With it´s eight tracks TYHJYYS– the album is even more darker, colder, faster and versatile, WOLFHEART is giving the listener a brutal scent of the Finnish blizzard! They has also released a new music video for the track WORLD ON FIRE to mark the release of TYHJYYS. The video is the last single of the new album and it ends the story what was started in the previous video THE FLOOD.

World on Fire is noted for it’s precise melodic guitar work riding heavily on Extreme Metal, the Scandinavian way. Apt blastbeats with rich bass lines and a rich tone has boosted the track’s sound. It’s groovy, nonetheless. The production is solid and has slayed!

Watch the video here-

TYHJYYS album track list: 

01. Shores Of The Lake Simpele
02. Boneyard
03. World On Fire
04. The Flood
05. The Rift
06. Call Of The Winter
07. Dead White
08. Tyhjyys

Connect with the band-

Facebook | Buy their new album

Written by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine- Chief Editor/ Owner)


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