The Grand Mammoth Festival 2017: What is the line up?

The Grand Mammoth Festival is a series of Metal shows that started back in 2012 in New Bombay. Organised by Moonlight Entertainments, the festival carries a rich history and has also featured ‘big names’ in their line ups so far. Putting up metal gigs in New Bombay has always been a big challenge. The Salt Water Creek Festival in 2012 was the biggest that featured 16 odd bands from all over the country but the chain of consequences faced by the promoter was tremendous. From handling the logistics, financials, handling the ground work with limited resources was a huge task but this hasn’t stopped anything from happening in the main camp.

The Grand Mammoth Festival returns in 2017 with a one of a kind line up, featuring two Bombay based bands and three out station bands. So what makes this edition special? Promoter Jeff Dani says, “It all started back in 2012, when I set out a music academy & jamming studio and soon in 2013 organised ‘The salt water creek Festival’, the biggest Rock/Metal Festival that Navi Mumbai had ever witnessed, had 16 bands from all across India. After this gig, faced a mad storm and didn’t really realise that it was actually coming my way. It took a toll and made me financially unstable. So, I had no option but to join some company that paid me good. That’s how Sutherland came into the picture & took an oath to myself to not to return to this madness of organising gigs.” He also adds about TGMF, stating that, “TGMF came into being in 2013 with some mad line-up and it went on till 2015. Organised 4 edition of TGMF one after the other. 2016 was like a full stop, my dad went through a major illness & other responsibilities to handle. Later, when I could actually breathe, I thought of putting up one more for the last time. One fine day, I got a call from Anchal ( Elemental) in October last year and he asked me to organize one and denied for the same & discussed with Hebzy & she was like “Why NOT?, WE CAN DO IT’’. And I called up Naresh & discussed. Many changes in the line-up, venue, the dates but yes, finally it’s happening on 26th March at Anitisocial, Khar.

Watch the video below to know the full line up-


Join the event here-


Written by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine- Chief Editor/ Owner)


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