Indian Extreme Metal veterans Demonic Resurrection have dropped their second single off their latest and fifth outing ‘Dashavatar‘, titled ‘Kurma- The Tortoise‘. This also marks the band’s first album post the departure of their long term keyboardist Mephisto. The artworks done by Visual Amnesia has raised the expectation levels!


The track opens with hypnotising riffs that paves way into heavy-duty blast beats and a monstrous vocal passage. The track is also packed with an enchanting aura that is brought forth with the help of keyboards played by Demonstealer. The bass lines are clear and is culminating in every way! Thanks to the production. The quick solos played in between are a welcome sign. The sound is new and fresh unlike the band’s previous releases. The band has definitely embarked upon a new journey with this album; that is both melodic and aggressive which compliments each other in the best possible way. I liked the clean vocal passages contributed by Pratika. It has surely given the track a different outlook.

Listen to the track below-


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Written by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine- Chief Editor/ Owner)


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