French Extreme Metal band NECROWRETCH have unleashed a breathtaking single from their new record titled ‘Satanic Slavery‘. The title track released in the form of an animated video, displays some mesmerising visuals that will keep you hooked through out. The album titled ‘Satanic Slavery‘ is all set to release via Season of Mist on April 14th, 2017.

Guitarist and singer Vlad states on behalf of NECROWRETCH We are proud to unleash the title-track of our new album ‘Satanic Slavery’. A dreadful incantation to hell containing all the elements of our defiled universe. This song will drown you in a lake of fire for the next one thousand years! In this animated video by Hexxagram the NECROWRETCH beast comes to live for the first time and it is out to get you!”

This gargantuan track is noted for it’s top notch blast beats granted by IImar. The rich tone of the drums and the Black Metal influenced play style is exemplary. The atmospheric guitar work is solid and the skilled tremolo picking and the vigorous rhythm sections are red-blooded. It definitely makes the track pierce through your ears in it’s entirety. In just over four minutes and thirty seconds the chorus and the vocals have added an impeccable old school touch to it; all thanks to their song writing and production!

Listen to the track below-

Connect with the band-

Facebook | Season of Mist | Buy the album

Written by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine- Chief Editor)


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