BORN OF OSIRIS premieres new music video!

Born Of Osiris has released a new music video for their song Empire Erased from their upcoming new album The Eternal Reign. The album was released 10 years ago under the name The New Reign. The single marks a huge come back with it’s new outlook. The track is progressive, melodic and holds Djent influenced guitars to top it off.

The band has completely re-recorded and re-envisioned the whole album under the name The Eternal Reign. It also includes a brand new song Glorious Day.


The band is celebrating their 10th-anniversary  by touring in US from Feb 17 to March 19th. You can check out the dates and tickets here.

The album is Produced/ Engineered/ Mixed and Mastered by Nick Sampson. It will be out on February 24, 2017. You can pre-order out here:

CD / Vinyl  | iTunes | Amazon | GooglePlay


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