[ALBUM REVIEW] EVIL FORCE-Banging On The Pentagram

Evil Force is a Thrash Metal band from Paraguay, and ‘Banging on the Pentagram‘ happens to be their Sophomore full-length release after ‘Ancient Spores‘ which was released in 2014. The album was released under their label Witches Brew on December 24th, 2016.

The band falls into the category of old-school thrash metal which by and large has become a genre with a very limited scope for creativity. The band however opts to stick to the basic strengths of the genre and adds some melodic elements somewhat in the veins of Exciter. The vocalist Fernando Cáceres has a distinct style of vocal delivery which is a mix of raspy vocals with some vicious snarls. One other thing that stands out are the bass solos in couple of tracks which is largely absent in most Thrash Metal releases of the current times. The drumming is tight and manages to keep you hooked throughout the album with loads of variety, which I think is an interesting add. An important factor that might make or break the release for you is the production. The release has been produced in such a way that it is strongly reminiscent of the 80s era thrash with the instruments sounding raw but powerful at the same time. To listeners who prefer more modern production aspects, it might feel a bit hollow but for those who like their metal the old-school way, its a very potent record.


A few tracks that personally stood out were ‘Devastation Time‘ which, in an album full of super fast thrash is a mid-tempo thrasher which picks up towards the end and is a very upbeat listen, and ‘Offering To Horus‘ which is the album’s longest track and also the final track; it starts off with an acoustic intro (which takes you by surprise as the album as whole is a doze of pile-driving thrash metal mixed with a lot of melodies) before kicking back into the Thrash laden riffs and blistering drums. The track also makes use of some orchestral arrangements which is quite extra ordinary and warrants repeated listens all in all. While this record does not have anything new to offer creatively, its a fun listen and one which old-schoolers will love it!

Ratings- 70%

Track – List:

1. Banging On The Pentagram
2. Command Of Pain
3. Southern Armageddon
4. Devastation Time
5. Toxic Warfare
6. Nocturnal Witchery
7. Under Oracle’s Design
8. Offering To Horus (Instrumental)


Connect with the band-

Facebook | YouTube

Reviewed by-

Anirudh Gollapudi (Metaljesus Magazine)


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