MORTALITY are a Swedish Thrash Metal that rides heavily on influences from Metallica and the typical 80s Thrash; their very album title might indicate somethings. The track for today is entitled ‘Damnation‘ taken from the upcoming album For Whom The Bomb Tolls set to release this January 27th under Polish label Via Nocturna.


The track carries a beautiful atmosphere through out but some where down the line you are left wondering that the band can make it sound a lot more different from Metallica. It’s not bad but it can be something more original. The track Damnation is one such track. Riding high on heavy double bass drum work, solid guitar melodies and vocals which remind you instantly of James Hetfield. All this summed up, we can say that the band is up for something that’s full of Thrash. Let’s see what the album has in store for you!

Listen to it below-

Connect with the band-



Via Nocturna

Written by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine- Chief Editor/  Owner)


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