NORWAY’s DIMMU BORGIR return after 7 years!

NORWAY’s DIMMU BORGIR return after 7 years!

Norwegian symphonic Black Metal giants DIMMU BORGIR return after seven years to unleash their dark rituals this 2017. The band has officially announced a live DVD, titled ‘Forces of the Northern Nights’ containing two of the band’s performances. The DVD comprises the band’s highly acclaimed show in Oslo, Norway that featured the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and a grand choir and also the band’s majestic performance at Wacken Open Air – 2012 that featured over 100 musicians on stage! Both the concerts have had a tremendous response from hundreds of thousands of fans. The release is slated for April 14th, 2017!

The band’s full statement on Facebook below (Click the picture)-


The band ends the note with “And beware… this is not the only gem that the year 2017 holds for DIMMU BORGIR.” Does that mean there’s a brand new album in store as well? Let us know what you think!

Connect with the band-

Facebook | Website 

DB NEW !.jpg

Written by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/ Chief Editor)


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