THE TOP FIVE INDIAN METAL RELEASES- 2016 | Metaljesus Magazine

This  year the Indian Metal scene has witnessed a tremendous number of bands that released an album/ EP; some debuts, some sophomores and some into their fourth or fifth releases. The bands have definitely grown in large numbers from all parts of the country, from major metal supporting cities to even smaller towns like Siliguri to Vishakapatnam to even places like Jaipur where metal is almost alien to the locals there. This year’s TOP FIVE Indian metal releases from Reader’s poll is quite a surprise. We still managed get a list out of that. I hope people will be pleased with this.

GODLESSCenturies Of Decadence

GODLESS from Hyderabad was formed only a year ago but the band has taken everything by storm! Centuries of Decadence: A very fresh album when it comes to New age Extreme Metal, a genre which is still sustaining in India. The band, is better known for their originality and their approach to their song writing that makes them a pleasurable listening experience.


PRIMITIVImmortal and Vile

Primitiv, a super group (consisting members of Albatross, Hellwind, Morticide etc.) are a ‘Stone-Age’ Metal band and took the scene by storm since their debut single released in the form of ‘Taurus’ and have been on a roll since. Their debut full-length album titled Immortal and Vile is a concept album which tells the story of a dystopian world. With killer vocals, tight rhythm sections, sharp riffs and thick bass lines, their songs will blow your mind!


CARNAGE INCFury Incarnate

Carnage Inc.– Formed back in 2011, this Thrash/ Speed metal outfit play old school metal yet adding some modern touches to it with their own unique flavour to it. The band has embarked upon a brand new release in the form of ‘Fury Incarnate’ that released to rave reviews all over! A visceral album which mixes Bay Area Thrash sounds with crossover and punk-ish influences and their own traditional touches. For fans who like their metal fast and unrelenting, its a must buy.


New line up- 2016


Kolkata based Progressive Metal/ Experimental group formed in 2009 are a band who fuse Indian classical instruments and elements subtly in their prog heavy sound which adds to the melody and separates the band from a lot of other progressive bands, not only from the scene but also globally to a certain extent. Their album Egress Point: Debut full-length released in 2016 even though band formed a while ago. A solid effort by the band and the classical instruments blend in perfectly with the overall sound.



Killchain is one of the best finds of the year. Based in Mumbai, the band plays some bone crushing Death Metal. Formed back in 2014, the band has managed to release their EP titled – Psychosis this year, that has been well appreciated by all. Greatly inspired by 80’s/ 90’s Death Metal!


Compiled by-

Anirudh Gollapudi and team! (Metaljesus Magazine)


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