VIPASSI is an Australian Instrumental Group that has members primarily from Progressive/ Experimental Metal band NE OBLIVISCARIS. The band’s music is technical and very complex in its writing style often commemorating its Extremity. The band comments, “Our song ‘Jove’ is a meditation on religion and dogma, its separation from faith, its affect on our history and perception of morality, and ultimately, the corruption and conflict it begets. Faith at its core, is a beautiful thing, which over time, has been clouded by crooked and misguided credo. This song is a counterpoint to ‘Benzaiten’, our previous track’s themes of knowledge and science, and how these things can be at odds with the obtuse nature of organized religion.


The track Jove is taken from the album ‘Sunyata‘; is no different. Its is packed with razor sharp guitar work that is both technical and variant, yet adding a pleasantry to its listening experience. Thanks to the melodies that are equally complimented by terrific drum work that adds an enchanting mood to it. The bass is groovy, which completes the track adding a soul to this song. In most places, I can clearly see influences from NILE, Decapitated, Suffocation and stuff like that but the band manages to blend something in its own unique way. The production is good. I haven’t heard this album but I look forward to it.

Listen to the full track ‘Jove’ here below-

Connect with the band-

Facebook | Site

Written by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Chief Editor)

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