UK based Modern Metal band EXIST IMMORTAL have unleashed their latest outing titled ‘Breathe‘ that released via Primordial Records. The band formed in 2011 have written some great music over the years, with some very interesting song structures, powerful drumming with precise grooves and concrete guitar riffs and stunning melodies that compliments the writing style of the band.

Honestly, this is the first time I am listening to this band and it definitely has made me dig their music more. As someone who grew up being exposed to a lot of Extreme Metal, this was different and I have always been fascinated by the whole concept of how bands have evolved over the years to explore more unconventional song writing, concepts and so on; thereby bringing about a very modern feel to it, these days. Exist Immortal have commenced into a world that is both Modern and Melodic, producing an admirable sound that has a unique semblance.

The vocals are note-perfect and I find that amusing. I think it has advanced the whole album’s perception. Tracks like ‘Saviour’, ‘Erode’ are a highlight. I haven’t heard their previous album but I think this is good for a starter who wants to check out this band. The drums are energetic and are supported by a lot of variety, which has made the album a lot more listenable. The spellbinding guitar work reinforced with great melodies and ambience have uplifted the mood. I think the atmosphere produced in this album is definitively worth taking a note at. Thanks to their stupefying production and studio work which has been a big pillar for this album!

For fans of SKYHARBOR, TesseracT.

Ratings- 80%


Connect with the band-

Facebook | Site

Reviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Chief Editor)


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