When Metal meets something that’s ambient and soulful it grips you throughout from start till the end  and it makes the listening experience a lot more comfortable. It’s not Extreme Metal but it’s got the ‘X Factor’. ESBEN AND THE WITCH have definitely written a a masterpiece album- Old Terrors.


The album is an entry into a lost world often taking you into a portal that rides into a space. The album rides high on the atmospheric work that is brought forth and also supported with the guitar melodies that are quite sludgy yet adding to the album’s reception. The vocals are mesmerizing. Its perfect in every sense and the voice is admirable. The drums are raw and yet characterized with so much liveliness that has been captured exquisitely. The album has four tracks that are moody and yet reflecting up on us. Overall, it will appeal to anyone who has a liking for Ambient music.

Listen to the full album- Older Terrors below-

Connect with the band-

Facebook | Site

Season Of Mist-


Premiered by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine- Chief Editor)


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