ZORNHEYM are a Symphonic Extreme Metal band that has been forged in the cold plains of Stockholm, Sweden by Zorn (ex-DARK FUNERAL). The band has released their single titled- A Silent God extracted from their full length- Where Hatred Dwells, And Darkness Reigns.


The track ‘A Silent God‘ is an ideal example of  how Extreme metal meets symphony the way it was meant to be. This year I have had the opportunity to lay hands on quite a few Symphonic Extreme Metal releases like Darkend, Kratos among others, so my expectation for Zornheym has rocketed. This is one of my personal favourite genres in Metal music and as much as how I enjoy it, the behemothic grandiosity brought about by the dramatic effects is what fascinates me the most. The aggression endorsed by the melodies and the thematic representation is enough to enthrall me.

This track reminds me a lot of Emperor and Dimmu Borgir but in their own unique way that people can perceive their sound with. I think that’s what makes this track designated or maybe the band in turn. The tremolo picking guitars that sound malicious are complimented by terrific drum work and larger than life symphonies that project the song in a fearsome way. The track penetrates setting a a vital force. The vocals add a ferocious image that pummels the overall reception.

Listen to the track here-

Connect with the band-

Facebook | Site

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Written by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Chief Editor)


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