KEVIN HUFNAGEL (GORGUTS): It certainly gets harder as I get older

GORGUTS have been an important part of the first wave Death Metal in the Canadian/ US region. Having established a solid fan base over the last 25 odd years; the band was re-established spearheaded by Luc Lemay. With the release of ‘Pleiades Dust‘ the band is now all set to begin it’s North American Tour alongside Intronaut and Brain Tentacles. Here we are interacting with the guitarist Kevin Hufnagel about the album, tour, things to look forward to and music. Excerpts from the interview:

MJM. Greetings from India! First of all, congratulations with the release of ‘Pleiades Dust’; how are things going with you and the Gorguts camp?

KH: We are getting ready to do our first full North American headlining tour since I’ve joined the band in 2008. We are looking forward to performing the entire new EP, along with the older material as well each night.


MJM. You have a busy year ahead with a long tour as well. What’s running through your mind now with everything falling in place?

KH: We’re just excited to present the new album live to people now that they’ve had a chance to hear and hopefully digest it. When we were performing ‘Pleiades Dust‘ in Europe back in the Spring it wasn’t out yet.

MJM. Recently you described in depth about the “House of Wisdom & quot;. The whole EP is divided into six segments creating a trance musical journey. Blending death metal with classical music. How did you relate the guitar lines with the concept?

KH: Both guitars and the bass are usually playing completely independent parts, both melodically, and sometimes rhythmically as well. This sort of polyphonic approach can definitely be attributed to our love of classical music, in particular 20th century composers, and our own backgrounds in studying music.

MJM. If I am not wrong, the whole EP “Pleiades Dust" was first played in Wiesbaden, Germany, right? How was the experience in playing that 33 min long track?

KH: Wiesbaen wasn’t the first performance of ‘Pleiades Dust‘, that was somewhere in the middle of the tour. The first performance was at Inferno Fest in Norway. I was nervous as hell!

MJM. And how did this whole idea of creating a 33 minute single track EP come by?

KH: It’s something the band has never tried before. It was exciting to see if we could accomplish making something on such a grand scale, with a risk of failure.

MJM. Now let’s go back in time, Gorguts playing in Saint Vitus Bar, Dec 21, 2013. To me, this is one of the top class Gorguts gig. The drums were taken over by the machine himself John Longstreth. Can you share with us the whole experience?

KH: That show was the last show we played with John. It was part of a 2 week tour we did with Origin and Nero di Marte, where we performed the entire ‘Colored Sands’ record front to back. It was important to us to do that at least once with John, since he was on the record.

MJM. Let’s talk about the other stuffs. You have been associated with various projects since the 90’s ranging from Dysrhythmia, Byla, Grey Division Blue to name a few and even your solo project. How have you balanced your time between your works? Has it been strenuous over the last couple of decades or so?

KH: I have so many musical interests and desires. I am very fortunate to have found so many great and dedicated people to play music with so far in my life. It certainly gets harder as I get older to balance all these bands and make sure they all get equal focus, while still trying to earn a living all at once! But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

MJM. You have explored various genres of music over these years. What music do you listen to in your leisure time? Any new artists you are digging?

KH: I have different music I listen to for different reasons. I am an avid runner, so a lot of times I am listening to metal when I exercise. I listen to ambient music when I’m trying to sleep. Most of the time I am listening to the music, I am working on though.

MJM. Gorguts took their first break (I am calling this a break!) in 2005 and started again in 2008; that’s when you were part of the reformation. What was the reason that the band stayed inactive back then? What motivated the band to strike hard again?

KH: Luc tells me it was the idea of ex-Gorguts guitarist Steeve Hurdle to restart the band. Thanks to Steeve, Luc found out about Dysrhythmia and watched some live footage of us on YouTube, which then prompted him to contact us and ask if we wanted to join. After Luc sent over the first few songs ideas to Colin and I, and we all jammed with John on them, he was extremely inspired by the fire we all had in making a new Gorguts album a reality, since the rest of us had been long time fans and it was a real honor to be a part of.


MJM. You have a huge fan base in South Asian subcontinent especially in India and Bangladesh. Any plans about going live here soon?

KH: We want to play everywhere. It just a matter of being asked and having the promoter be able to cover our expenses. We hope to someday!

MJM. Thank you so much for taking time and speaking with us. All the best with the upcoming days!

KH: Thank you!

Connect with the band-

Gorguts | Site

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Interviewed by-

Showmik Das

Harsha Vardhan (Chief Editor- Metaljesus Magazine)


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