[ROMAN ARSAFES] KARTIKEYA: Our folk metal bands just copy each other

Kartikeya a Russian based Folk metal outfit primarily influenced by Ancient Indian Mythology have been on a high in the recent past. With a name that is so indicative of it’s Indian roots they will leave you surprised with their brand of music. The band has a new full length in place for this year and lots of merchandises in store. Kartikeya is noted for their theatrical stage presence that builds a universal appeal among it’s audience and the writing style goes unparalleled. Here we are interacting with Roman Arsafes, the band’s primary song writer.

MJM. What was the driving force or inspiration for choosing the name ‘Kartikeya’ for the band? What were the possible names that came to mind during the process?

Roman Arsafes: We just wanted a name that’s unique for a metal band and, of course, shows our connection with our Hinduism inspiration. So after some research we picked Kartikeya.


MJM. With a genre like this, what have played an important role in influencing your style of music?

RA: Oh, lots of artists actually! For example Nile, Behemoth, Meshuggah, Devin Townsend, Orphaned Land, just to name a few.

MJM. Who writes the lyrics?

RA: I do. All our lyrics are written by me.

MJM. Apart from music, what are the other things you do in your leisure time?

RA: Well, apart from music, I try to spend maximum time with my wife and family, self-develop, love to travel a lot and just strive to live a healthy and interesting life!

MJM. What could you say about the popularity of Folk Metal in Russia?

RA: Our folk metal mainly consists of Slavic-oriented bands. That scene is pretty big here but nowadays people are starting to get fed up with it, because most of our folk metal bands just copy each other and sadly the amount of really interesting and authentic bands in this genre is pretty small.

MJM. What is your opinion about the record industry today? Do you feel opinionated about the recent developments? 

RA: Despite the common opinion that it is in a bad state, I absolutely disagree! It’s a really interesting time for music now and for heavy music particularly – people have all the tools to self-promote right under their fingertips. So if you have talent, awesome material and a good work ethic, then nothing will stop you from doing music for a living.


Photo by Bojan Stevanovic

MJM. What keeps all the band members motivated to continue what you are doing?

RA: Passion for music and loving our songs, mainly!

MJM. Getting back to the music. What is the new song, ‘The Golden Blades’ all about?

RA: The Golden Blades is a hymn of free people. Free from negativity, parasitic politics, racism and other useless crap. So you can call “The Golden Blades” our semi-utopic enclave and its kind of the Kartikeya band members’ and fans’ union. And so i decided to write a song about it.

Listen to Kartikeya‘s- The Golden Blades

MJM. So this means that the band is working on a full length?

RA: Yes, exactly! We actually have all the songs ready, just need to work on some arrangements and record vocals and some interesting instrumentation here and there.

MJM. Are you guys planning to tour India anytime soon?

RA: We would really love to tour India! I mean it would be totally logical, right? But sadly we didn’t get any serious offers, so we’re eagerly waiting for an opportunity to play in India!

MJM. I am sure people will look forward to it. It was a pleasure speaking with you. Thanks a tonne! Take care. 

RA: Thanks a lot for the interview! Good luck!

Connect with the band-

Facebook | Bandcamp

Interviewed by-

Sunaina Pal (Metaljesus Magazine)


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