Tamas Katai‘s brainchild THY CATAFALQUE‘s upcoming full length Meta, has induced a gut reaction amongst most die-hard listeners who have been impatiently waiting for this much anticipated release via Season Of Mist this September 16th, 2016.

SOM397-Thy Catafalque-1500X1500px-300dpi-RGB

Today we are premiering the full length album- Meta; one that sounds much heavier, exploring the depths of Black and Doom Metal with the semblance of Death Metal; producing one of their most atmospheric release till date. The album features two vocalists who have taken the guest spots, Lambert Lédeczy and clean vocal passages bestowed by Gyula Vasvári. 

Almost two decades of Avante- Garde metal and a number of line up changes later, Thy Catafalque has splendidly written this album that can mesmerize you with its melodies and also incinerate you with its rapacious guitars and harsh vocals that are spot on. The song ‘Siraly’ has its moments. It is presented in the most dramatic fashion and the melodies will rub you to a stellar experience. The following track ’10^(-20) Angstrom’ has thunderous double bass work that is charismatic and the keyboards has added an extra dimension. Notably, the aggression brought about in others like ‘Ixion Duun’ or the longest track ‘Malmok Jarnak’ will shock you over, with their brand of Avante-Garde music, showing traces of Medieval music to synthesizers that are used effectively that creates vibe. I think it is marvellous. It brings about a brand new outlook for the entire album, one that turns a notch higher!

Listen to the ENTIRE album- Meta here-


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Season of Mist


Written by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/ Chief Editor)


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