IF HOPE DIES is the only band that plays Metal hailing from the town of Sukna in the state of West Bengal, India. Having played several shows and independent gigs; the band has put out their debut release that is titled after their hometown that goes by the same name- Sukna. Was it a local sentimental touch to their debut release? Maybe. It was quite a package that I received and a very thoughtful front cover that the band has used to indicate their roots. Let’s talk about the album now.


The album blows with five tracks that are groovy and carries a thrust. Sukna is quite a release for a debut. The album is fine with elements of groove and brutality and is decorous with chunky breakdowns. The vocals were able but I feel it sounds a bit harped on. Tracks like ‘Hurry Burry Spoils the Curry’, ‘He Implodes’ sound apt musically but lyrically I feel that the band could have worked a little more. Djent influenced guitars sound a bit overlayed in certain areas but manage to clear out with a better production; The backing vocals in tracks like ‘The Eternal Mindfuck’ and ‘He Implodes’ seemed to divert the listeners and lags the flow and I personally felt that the band could have done away with that. The drums are programmed, which I honestly do not mind or comment about it at all, as it’s the band’s call but it has been executed quite precisely.

For a band that has worked hard for putting out this debut release- Sukna; this is definitely not bad but it can only act as the beginning of something bigger and better in the days to come. IF HOPE DIES can definitely show improvements in certain areas and can surely come out stronger, provided they also work a little more on their sound that will definitely hoist a stronger gist. Sukna is meant for fans who enjoy Groove Metal with Core influences powered by strong Djent flavoured guitar styles. Its heavy! Nevertheless, the album has its moments. More power to them!

Ratings- 70%


  1. Intro
  2. Hurry Burry Spoils The Curry
  3. The Eternal Mindfuck
  4. He Implodes
  5. Brothers


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Instamojo | Bandcamp

Reviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/ Chief Editor)


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