Kolkata’s Experimental Metal outfit WHAT ESCAPES ME have put up one of the most striking Indian releases this year- Egress Point; backed with imposing drum work, thunderous guitars, screaming vocals which goes parallel with its clean vocal melodies that carry the impression almost throughout this album.


The guitars are very Djent influenced which clearly show traces of Meshuggah, a little bit of Skyharbor and some heavy breakdowns that are reminiscent of American Deathcore. This guitar laden album manages to stay strong simply because of the rich production it holds that plays a vital role in this record. The melodies are beautifully engraved to blend the aggression of the unclean vocals and the ambient clean vocals along with the groovy drum pattern that sounds threatening with sound bass lines.

The drums are exciting. I liked the tone of the drums which sounds moody. I honestly think that it has exalted the album’s reception and the writing style that has largely been improvised to the best.

Some of the tracks that deserve a mention include- Coalesce, Empty Signs, The Truth of a Lie.


Ratings- 80%


Connect with the band-

Facebook | Website

Order your copy here-

Instamojo | Bandcamp




Reviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/ Chief Editor)


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