Swedish hordes MIST OF MISERY have set out to release one of the most stupefying Black Metal records this year. The band’s full length- Absence is stated to release this August via Black Lion Records. The trio have definitely written one of the most compelling albums. Today, we are exclusively premiering the band’s full length- Absence.

Front och Back

The band’s music rides high on the aggression of Black Metal that decimates with enthralling melodies and the malignant orchestral work that remains a mystery. It’s not very often that we come across bands that effectuates the catalyst which takes their music a mile further. MIST OF MISERY seems to have perfectly blended the very quintessence of symphonic black metal that is admirable.

Mist Of Misery‘s sophomore album- Absence is a causeway into the world of enigma. The melodies and the stunning guitar works in tracks like ‘Epitaph of penitence’; the mystical atmosphere that is forged in ‘Whistful Twilight’; the charismatic vocals in ‘Mist of Misery’ that demystifies the band’s heading, is a part of what this album channels.

We present you the exclusive Asian premiere of MIST OF MISERY‘s- Absence (Full Length)-

Connect with the band- Facebook

Pre- Order the album here- BLR/Mist


Written by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/ Chief Editor)


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