Over the years, The Bangladeshi Metal scene has evolved and produced some noteworthy bands. One such band that hails from the country and has carved a niche’ for itself has to be Psychotron. Pure old school Thrash attack! Fans of Overkill, Nuclear Assault, Onslaught, Anthrax, Death Angel etc., would definitely dig this band.


The EP titled- Lethal Paralysis released through Mortuary Records, boasts five punching tracks that sets the tone and appeases their listeners. Its melodic, aggressive and carries the zest of 80’s Thrash Metal. The very glimpse of the album artworks, is indicative of what the album is about. Done by-  Somluck Art.

Right from the acute guitar work that penetrates your ears; the grueling melodies that you can’t not forget. Got to appreciate their effort that has laid down the foundation of this album. The bass adds the right amount of groove and has hiked the overall reception and sound of the album, though I couldn’t hear it promptly in certain sections but I guess it’s because of the production which I will talk about later. The drums are good and has that X-Factor and has stood as the back bone for this record, definitely enjoyed the interesting variations and patterns the drummer did out there. The lyrics are rebellious and the vocals is commendable. I wish there was a little more clarity in pronouncing the words, simply because it represses the efforts of the vocalist while he stresses out the lyrics. Overall, it was good.

Psychotron Band Photo 2

The production is old school, yes. Honestly, I feel it could have been better for what this record was. Simply because the instruments could have been clearer and even the vocalist’s efforts. I think a few volume adjustments here and there in the post-production stages could have taken this record far more ahead. I believe the band has been conscious about their production, I wouldn’t question that. Nevertheless, it’s one of the fewest Thrash Metal bands or even perhaps EP/Album, I have definitely enjoyed from the region. I welcome the efforts they have put forth to release this EP.

Ratings- 80%

Connect with the band- Facebook | Buy their album here

Psychotron Band Photo 1

Reviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/ Chief Editor)


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