TORRID HUSK and END announce new full length split!

West Virginia’s Torrid Husk and Athens’ End have teamed up for a transatlantic behemoth of a split; named Swallow Matewan, it will be devouring listeners whole come September. The record will land on September 23rd on Grimoire Records, with Arcane Angels and Underground Soundscapes releasing it on vinyl and cassette in Europe.

The split has been in the making for a couple of years, both bands admiring the other’s distinctive contribution to black metal. They are an excellent pairing, sharing a vision for their art but each holding a strong individual identity.


Side A of “Swallow Matewan” was engineered, mixed and mastered by Noel Mueller in the fall of 2015. Side B was mixed at Moth Studio (GR) and mastered by Noel Mueller in the spring of 2016. Vocals recorded by Andrew D’ Cagna at Sacred Sound Studio (OH).  All music & lyrics on Side B by Draenzarth. Additional Guitar on Virga and synth on Existential Litany by Ayloss. © 2016 Grimoire Records. Art by Sergio Padovani.


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