It’s been a while since I put my hands on a Swedish Metal act. I finally managed to get hold of STILLA a Post Black Metal act from Sweden, who are gearing up for their third full length- Skuggflock. This is the first time I am listening to this band and I am very impressed by this record.

I really liked how the band brings together the aggression of Black Metal to create this wonderful atmosphere with the essence of the Scandinavian Flavor. The guitars are melodic and the progress carried out lays the foundation for this record, often reminding me of giants like Opeth and occasionally Rotting Christ. It’s worth mentioning that the guitars are the biggest strength of this album. Not to forget the synth/keyboard work that maintains the momentum and the ambiance throughout. It’s lavishly written yet the band manages to stick to their original roots and know which direction they are headed towards. The drums are apposite but it’s precisely written.


The Synth/Keyboard and Guitars are more prominent in this record as I wouldn’t say the drums are eclipsed. I am sure the members would have kept this in mind, during the post production. The production is decent however I can see that the band has definitely explored a new approach for this genre of music. Tracks like ‘Till Den Som skall Komma’, ‘Ett Inre Helvette’ are significant and speak for themselves.

Listen to the track ‘Varens Sista Onskan’ below-

It’s a neat and well written album. I am confident that the fans of this genre will dig this.


Ratings- 80%

Connect with the band-

Facebook | Order here

STILLA cover

Reviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/ Chief editor)

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