[ALBUM REVIEW] DARKEND- The canticle of shadows

It’s an absolute honour to have received this work of art by Italian Symphonic Black Metal monsters DARKEND– The Canticle of Shadows. I am blown away by the magnificence of this album.

darkend album

The band has had three releases previously and this one has to be the finest release so far. This defines what the band is; I am still listening to this glimmering album, while I write this review. It’s definitely among the most powerful ones I have heard this year. It takes a lot patience to arrange the orchestral sections and amalgamate that with Extreme Metal. I think DARKEND have definitely taken this one notch higher with this album.

The vocals are vigorous and the spirited execution by the vocalist, who has also tried to keep the words a lot more understandable, is striking in this record. The dynamic portrayal of his voice is impressive. Besides, this album also features legends such as Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ), Attila Csihar (Mayhem) to name a few. The bass lines are apt and have kept the album a lot more concentrated. I think the track ‘Il Vello Delle Ombre’ will speak for itself. The guitars are noxious and the atmospheric illustration produced is far fetched. The drums in a symphonic black metal album play a vital role and hold the pieces together and in this record, it’s masterfully executed. It sounds bashing almost throughout this record and I honestly think this has played a pivotal role in maintaining the flow. This album is monumental and depicts symphonic black metal in the most violent, smothering way by retaining the soul of the music.

darkend photo2

It only shows how extreme metal can be flawlessly written to produce something that is pleasant at the same time, indicating the artistic proficiency of these musicians. Recommended tracks include, ‘A Passage towards abysmal caverns’, ‘Sealed in black moon and Saturn’ to name a few.

This album is a portal into the dark underworld. Go for it!

Ratings- 90%

Connect with the band-

Darkend- Facebook

darkend photo1

Written by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/ Chief Editor)


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