Israel has a very enthusiastic and passionate metal crowd that the rest of the world is ought to witness. DESERT is one such band that hails from the forgotten lands of Israel. They have a long written history that has been scripted ever since their inception in 2002. Having several releases under their belt and appearances in many metal festivals all across, the band has finally released their recent most album- Never Regret.

Desert Live

Playing their own style of Symphonic Dark Metal with straight up Power Metal influences, the band has not compromised on anything. This album was indeed a delight to listen to. Really loved the approach the band has taken to compose this masterpiece of an album. Intro of ‘Chasing the prey’ has very much set the mood of this album. The massive orchestral work has definitely raised the expectations of the rest that was to come. The vocals have taken this album, one notch higher by setting the standards. Tracks like ‘Assassin’s Fate’ and ‘Flying Dutchman’ will tell you what I mean. Lyrically, the band focuses on fantasy, historical events and relative to it.


I liked the guitar work that has been well written. Its flawless, all thanks to their top class production that makes this album far more superior. The drums have upheld the sound that the band has aimed for. It’s very well produced and the patterns are apt. I liked how the orchestral work has set the atmosphere throughout this album.  Tracks like ‘Son Of a Star’, ‘Assassin’s fate’ defines the band’s sound. Just the way it was meant to be!

Go for it!

Ratings- 85%

desert_symbol_big copy

Connect with the band-

DESERT- Facebook

Band with logo

Reviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/Chief Editor)


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