Its raining music festivals in India and around the corner is Deccan Rock, Fourth Edition which is making hell lot of noise for its teasing video which is urging us to guess the headliner band. The event is scheduled on September 24, Hyderabad and trust me; time is just going to pass away or freeze rather, once the headliner is announced. Here is the link to it, keep Guessing :

Watch the teaser here-

If someone is complaining that there aren’t any good shows around the corner. They’re going to get some in their faces. (Oh wait, not that). We are all pumped up after tracking some massive announcements from the Team DR. The line up is pretty amazing and the venue looks kickass. DR has gone one step ahead and also has sorted out stay packages and after party scenes. This is a total one-stop deal.

So, let’s take a look at all these bands who would be playing at Deccan Rock‘s Fourth Edition!


PC: Godless facebook


Godless is Hyderabad’s finest five piece metal band. Their debut EP “Centuries of Decadence” is breathtakingly amazing. Absolutely some killer work out there, this one would be definitely an eye catcher. Do check out their merchandise, looks kickass.


PC: Primitiv facebook


As Riju would describe, this band is a total treat for the ones who like “Stone age Metal”. This band is a mixture of doom and heavy metal focusing on post apocalyptic theme. This band has made quite an impact in the metal scene and is gaining a lot of fan following.


PC: IS facebook


One of the bands, why I said holy shit up there! Inner Sanctum needs no introduction. They were on the list back then in 2009 and they are back again. They has over the years earned critical and commercial acclaim and has even numerous awards including the Band of the Year 2007 (Levis), Band of the year- 2009. Also, one of the bands which has opened for giant acts such as Metallica, Slayer, Cradle of Filth and the others.


PC: DH facebook


Founded in 2008 and with the likes of Meshuggah and Lamb of God. Dark Helm hails from land which defines traffucked, Pune. A definitely must watch band on the list and hope they throw couple of covers (which they do at times). Also, a band whose merch you should definitely check out.


PC: Elemental facebook


I have had the opportunity to watch these guys play a couple of times and oh man, they are really talented. If i had to put some money on bands which would be big in the long term, Elemental would be definitely one of them. Hailing from the lands of Bhopal, these boys definitely know how to start a pit.

META-STASIS (Co-headliner): 


Maybe I should have said holy fucking shit up there. But nevermind. Meta-stasis, for the uninitiated is an extreme technical death metal band (yeah I know). Meta-stasis in medical terms mean ‘spread of cancer’ from one organ to another which isn’t directly connected. (Sorry, this is the med expert in me speaking). Formed in 2012, with a fusion of members from Ted Maul and Sikth. The band has put some amazing work such as “The Paradox of Metanoia” and “When the Mind Departs the Flesh“. Meta-Stasis had headlined in January and they’re back to headline Deccan Rock – IV.

This has got to be the best line up, India. See you fuckers there! Don’t forget to RSVP.


Compiled by-

Mahesh Patil (Metaljesus Magazine)


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