Finnish black metal band BAPTISM has unleashed their new single from their upcoming new album titled “V: The Devil’s Fire” which is set to be released on July 22 via Season of Mist. The single is titled”Devil’s Fire“. We are exclusively premiering the band’s single today.

While going through the track you can feel the charismatic work the band delivers which involves deep thought and an aggression within the enthralment of the sound they posses.

Frontman Lord S. comments on behalf of BAPTISM regarding this song:

“The track ‘Devil’s Fire’ is a massive way point along the journey from the origin of it all, a strength that burns inside of me. Once you have lit the torch, you can never put it down. It does not matter where you go or what choice you have made in your life, the fire will follow you to the end. This title track comes with strong melodies that I am very proud of and it reaches throughout the album.”

You can stream the song out here :

Here is the artwork of the album :



Track-list :

1. Natus Ex Ignis
2. Satananda
3. The Sacrament Of Blood And Ash
4. Devil’s Fire
5. Abyss
6. Cold Eternity
7. Malignant Shadows
8. Buried With Him


The album will be out in CD, Gatefold vinyl in various colours, Cassette formats. It will also have guest performance from Antti Boman from DEMILICH on “Buried With Him” , Mikko Kotamäki from SWALLOW THE SUN on “The Sacrament Of Blood And Ash” , Mynni Luukkainen from HORNA on “Satananda“.

We are waiting for the album eagerly, let us know what you think about the Single.

Written by-
Smashhead (Metaljesus Magazine)


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