CHARIOTS OF THE GODS unleash new single ‘Into Oblivion’ Ft. Pascal Jobin of THE AGONIST!

Canadian Melodic Metal band CHARIOTS OF THE GODS are all set to release their new album in 2016. The band had been on a hiatus for a while but now they are back with full force. The band has revealed about their new crowfunding process via Kickstarter.


Their new single ‘Into Oblivion‘ featuring a guitar solo from Pascal Jobin of The Agonist is ready to annihilate your ear drums and salivating fans for more in anticipation for their upcoming album ‘Ages Unsung‘. The band’s kickstarter campaign is an album pre-order for ‘Ages Unsung’ and will aid in costs in completing the release.

Listen to the single here- 

The band comments, “After all this time of not releasing new music, we are really excited and proud to finally present you some new material from the new lineup. With the coming of this new record, we thought that a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter could not only help us face the financial burden of the project, but also give us a way to engage with our fans and gauge the interest in the project. Unlike many other crowdfunding platforms, a Kickstarter campaign is “all or nothing”, which mean we don’t get funded unless we reach our goal. Our goal for this campaign is to get 3000$ to help us with the costs of production and promotion. We hope you’ll enjoy our new material as well as the perks that we’ve prepared for you!

The band is meanwhile gearing up for a show in Ottawa, Ontario on November- 14th, 2016 with Omnium Gatherium and much more.


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