PHIL ANSELMO releases single ‘Dispatched’ from his new Black Metal super group- SCOUR

Philip Anselmo may have had a rough start to the year but he has silenced his critics with his come back. Barring the several controversies he faced in the recent past, the man is back with a bang. This time with a new super group- SCOUR featuring members of Cattle Decapitation, Pig Destroyer, Animostity and Strong Intention. 

What will surprise people is the fact that this band will sound unlike any other of the members’ primary outing. Reminiscent of pure 90’s Scandinavian Black Metal. The band’s self-titled debut EP is out July 15 on Anselmo’s Housecore label.

SCOUR features- Anselmo, Pig Destroyer’s John Jarvis, Cattle Decapitation’s Derek Engemann, Animostity’s Chase Fraser and Strong Intention’s Jesse Schobel. The band has also released a new single in the name of Dispatched. 

The single was released exclusively via Decibel Magazine. Click the picture below to listen to it-



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