KILLCHAIN release new merchs and MAJESTY OF REVIVAL’s new single-

Killchain announce Debut EP, New Merch and More- 

Bombay’s Death Metal maniacs Killchain have announced the release of their debut EP Psychosis along with a pre-order campaign for their first batch of merchandise. Psychosis, which is scheduled for release during the month of June will see the band explore the dark depths of old school death metal deriving influences from both American and European death metal warlords.


The band is set to join extreme metal bands Killibrium, Reptilian Death, Vidyut and Godless on the 5th of June at Hard Rock Cafe, Worli as part of the line up for Domination: The Deathfest’s Bombay Edition.

Pre-order the Armed Lunacy T-shirt


MAJESTY OF REVIVAL- New album and Single- 

Ukranian Thrash/Power Metal band- Majesty Of Revival release new single and new album details. The band is exploring a newer sound, ranging from ranging from Rock to Gothic/Symphonic and even Folk metal. The album will be released via More Hate Productions/Awal UK LTD/Massive Sound Recordings on June 25th, 2016.


Listen to the brand new single- Darkest taken from their new upcoming album DUALISM- 





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