[EP Review] SILENT VOYAGE- Eternity

SILENT VOYAGE- Eternity (EP Review)

SILENT VOYAGE is a solo project started by Paresh Garude who is also the bassist of Mumbai based black metal outfit Stark Denial. He has deviated from his regular writing in this experimental project. He has collaborated with various other musicians to create this masterpiece EP- Eternity, comprising three songs that will take you into a mesmerizing world. This EP simply revolves around a character that dwells in the city and is desolated. The loneliness of this character and his emotional connect with the world around him is what this EP speaks of.

It’s fascinating to see how something like this can be written and executed in the most perfect way possible. You can’t classify this EP into any categories. It has elements of Post Rock to undertones of Metal with the essentials of Indian classical instruments and percussion.


The EP starts off with the track, ‘Wandering in Nothingness’, which has Nitin Rajan on the vocals. Lyrically this track talks about an endless thought that remains in the character’s head, after a sleepless night. Obsessing over something that prevails in your mind, as the character continues to walk towards eternity. I found this track mystical. The ambience of this track has been well set with Abhimaneu’s synthesizers and Vishal’s percussions in the background that bring about the necessary tone for the rest of the EP. The flawless guitar work by Ashish is noteworthy.

‘Ocean Of Silence’ is the second track that brings about elements of Indian classical music. I don’t know how this track would have sounded if it wasn’t for Bipro’s clean vocals. Probably the country’s best, in my honest opinion. The aura created in this track is just astonishing. Pushkar Joshi has also played the Tabla in this track and it goes unquestionably well with the sound of this record. It’s quite an engaging track, talking about one’s state of mind after losing a loved one. Bipro’s voice has added the necessary emotional quotient and is the highlight of this track.

The EP finishes off with the track ‘Whispering Shadows’. I really loved the way how Gareth Mankoo has executed his vocals. This could easily be passed on as the heaviest track in the EP. Vishal’s drums have held the track together. Manash Saikia’s violin work has lifted the song’s stature.

Listen to the track-

It’s intriguing to just see how magnificently the instruments are woven together that creates a transcendental portal with thought provoking lyrics. The production is fantastic and is rich in its execution.

Overall, it’s one of the best releases I have heard in recent times. Go for it!

Connect with the project-

Silent Voyage- Facebook


Reviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/Chief Editor)


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