While listening to Impavidus’ self titled debut EP you can feel the authentic touch of modern metal. Hailing from Manchester, UK the band has done a brilliant job in writing the EP which draws influence from bands like Arch Enemy, The Agonist etc. It’s their effort of sounding unique that the EP has the aroma of death/groove/thrash along with its melodic injunction. “Black Mirror” is a good example of how the band has blended in all the elements perfectly.

What separates the band is its effort in sounding unique and owning a sound which strictly doesn’t address a fixed genre but gives the glimpse of how this band can definitely blend all the influences together and just play metal with full force.

Band Photo

The balance between growls and clean vocals are done quiet neatly and it’s obvious that the band will work harder in their upcoming records where maybe we can hear more polished and uptight balance between the melodic vocals and growling.

PC: Impavidus facebook

I absolutely loved the song writing, the way each part is well composed by some hard hitting beats and riffs that definitely will give your mood a boost. The transitions in between riffs is brilliantly done and posses so much of energy. The EP represents the band’s hard work and they are definitely going on towards the right direction.

Check it out :

Impavidus is :

Michelle Adamson – Vocals
Patrick McBride – Bass & Vocals
Gav Smith – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Chris O’Rourke – Drums

Rating : 70%

Review by : Smashhead (MetalJesus Magazine)


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