[ALBUM REVIEW]- Spreading The Disease – Viral

Well, I had an opportunity to review this band from an amazing guy called “Steve Saunders”. Steve’s brain child Spreading the Disease is right around the corner with launch of their debut EP titled as “Viral”. The 5 member band punches right through your face with their fine work. The EP consists of 4 tracks dealing with varied emotions and influences.


With some heavy-ground shaking riffs and breakdowns, there are occasional atmospheric fills. An essence of Slipknot and Pantera can be felt here along with the clean vocals. The riffs are groovy and the tone produced is really commendable. Quite amazing! The work can be noted by Julien Riquel who has undertaken lead guitar duties for the band. Lightning fast solos combined with melodic fills fits in real perfect. F.U.C.K.U. is one of the quite interesting songs of the EP. The drums are good and pumping. I wished the band had something more to offer. I’d say, if Dimebag was alive and checked out this band, he’d be pretty impressed I guess.

Overall, the EP has very decent level of production and mix. Full length album is something I would be definitely looking forward to.

Rating – 75%

Connect with the band-

STD- Website


Reviewed by-

Mahesh Patil (Metaljesus Magazine)


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