BIOPSY: There definitely wasn’t a major appeal for Brutal Death Metal in India


We got hold of one of one of Mumbai’s most promising Brutal Death Metal acts- BIOPSY. Talking to the drummer Keshav Javadekar about, music, life, inspirations and much more. Excerpts from the interview-

MJM. How is the Biopsy camp doing?

Keshav: Hi, Keshav here, we’re all good, thanks. Just busy with the daily grind.

MJM. The debut release, “Fractals of Derangement” (2015), happened through Transcending Obscurity. It was definitely a big break for the band. How did it all happen?

Keshav: Right after we finished recording our E.P, we started trying to figure out how we would release it. We sent over a couple of tracks to Kunal (Transcending Obscurity), not expecting much since this was our first release and no one knew who we were. But to our surprise Kunal really liked our music and was enthusiastic about having us release it through his label. It was definitely a big break considering all he’s done for us.


MJM. What was the idea behind this form of Death Metal? What incited you to express your art through this form of music?

Keshav: When we first started jamming, we had no idea about the kind of music we wanted to play. But with time, our music got a little more directional. We just stumbled upon Brutal Death Metal as a band and decided that it was the best way to express ourselves musically.

MJM. Tell us about your last album, FoD. What are some of the obstacles you faced to put out this release?

Keshav: Fractals of Derangement was quite a challenge. Composing singles is one thing, but going for an EP is a whole new ball game. We definitely had the belief that we could do it, but it took a conscious effort to have the songs flow into each other. The challenge was to try to come up with a sound that would be unique to Biopsy. And I think we did a decent job with it. We are all very satisfied with the way it turned out and wouldn’t change a thing about it.

MJM. Tell us about what the band guys do on a regular basis.

Keshav: Shomeresh works for the ICC (International Cricket Council) based out of Dubai. Akshay is studying Engineering in Michigan, USA and I’ve been training for the Ironman triathlon while simultaneously practicing/composing music and travelling.

MJM. Recently in an interview, Jeff Walker from Carcass said, “There’s been a demise in the quality of Death Metal since the 90’s”. How do you identify today’s Death Metal?

Keshav: I wouldn’t call it a demise. It has just evolved. Music changes with time and that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for the worse. I think there are still a lot of talented bands out there, making some really nice music.

MJM. Biopsy’s music is often compared to the US Brutal Death Metal scene. If you had to tour with that one Death Metal band, which one would it be?

Keshav: Disgorge (USA)!

MJM. How defying is it to put up a Brutal Death Metal release in a country like India? What makes the Indian crowd distinguished?

Keshav: I think there definitely wasn’t a major appeal for Brutal Death Metal in India. It’s a genre that hasn’t been explored by most of the local bands so it didn’t have an audience. However, in the last few years, with Gutslit (Love those guys) coming out of nowhere and destroying the scene people have started paying more attention to that side of metal. So, things are looking up.

MJM. What other forms of music do you listen to?

Keshav: Hip Hop, Rock, Drum & bass and Psychedelic trance to name a few.

MJM. Let’s talk about the song writing process. Tell us how it’s all stitched together.

Keshav: Akshay starts by putting together a couple of riffs and rough drum tracks. And then we have a closer look at those in our jams and decide if we’re feeling them or not. Once we’re happy with the way it sounds, I work on the drum lines and try to tailor them around the riffs. It’s a slow process but it’s methodical so it keeps the song-writing process fairly organized. After the instrumentals are taken care of, Shomeresh finishes them off with the vocal lines. And honestly, the songs sound so much better after he’s made his contribution.

MJM. You guys were also part of the ‘44 Underground Bands’ list Trevor from The Black Dahlia Murder had put out in December- 2015. What was running through your mind when you heard of it?

Keshav: I’ve got to say we were overwhelmed. Even more so that the article was published on Metal Injection! The response we’ve been getting has been amazing and it wouldn’t have been possible without Kunal.

MJM. Any new developments from the Biopsy camp?

Keshav: We’ve just started working on a new song which will probably feature on our next E.P. Progress is slow considering the fact that everyone’s busy with work etc., and we’re so far away from each other, but we’re getting there.

MJM. Thank you so much for taking time out to speak to us. All the best!

Keshav: It was a pleasure, Harsha! Thank you for having us.


Connect with the band-

Biopsy- Facebook

Interviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine)



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