I finally managed to get hold of the new DEMONSTEALER album- This Burden Is Mine. Received quite an interesting package. The man has spent close to two decades making music, something which very few artists from India would risk upon. This is his solo project; that he has been committed to for a long time, apart from his main project DEMONIC RESURRECTION. I always take note of how the artworks are as it gives the first impression of what the album has to offer. The artworks done by Michael ‘Xaay’ Loranc will blow your minds off. It’s magnificent and echoes what the album offers.

de 2

Picture Credits- Ashish Kamble

The album had a totally diverse touch to it, compared to any of his works done previously. DEMONSTEALER did the right thing by having George Kollias on the drums for this album. This has not only boosted the potential of this album but has also added a varied sound which listeners would be pleased with.

Watch his solo project live here, taken at Hard Rock Cafe (Mumbai)-

The guitars were incisive and melodic which also paved way to some progressive elements in this album. The solo in the song Where Worlds End, is what am talking about, done by Daniel Kenneth Rego. It’s admirable how the clean vocals are unimpeachable and complements his signature growl that often reminds me of DEMONIC RESURRECTION. The drums in this album are absolutely stunning. I don’t know how this album would have sounded if it wasn’t for George Kollias. The drum work in the songs The Last Jester Dance and Frail Fallible will leave you dazed, apart from the others. It still takes the best out of it. I am satiated with what I have heard on the whole. The bass lines are something that leaves an impression in this record, adding the right amount of depth that constitutes his work. The lyrics deserve a special mention. It revolves around personal feelings, depression, revenge and human emotion. I can clearly sense how this man has poured his heart out writing this album in every aspect.


PC- George Kollias (Its a selfie, duh)

I am still left wondering how Demonstealer developed a very unique sound to this album. It’s unlike anything else I have heard in recent times. I can’t particularly categorize this into one particular genre of metal, on the brighter side I am left awed and am keen on catching them live some time soon.


Artworks by- Michal ‘Xaay’ Loranc

There was not glitch in the album’s production. Mixed by Demonstealer and mastered by Victor Bullok. Recommended tracks include How the mighty have fallen, Frail Fallible, Where Worlds End and The last Jester dance.

Ratings- 90%

Connect with Demonstealer-

Demonstealer- Facebook

Demonstealer- Soundcloud

de 3

Reviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/Chief Editor)


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