Kratos is a Symphonic Dark Metal/Gothic Metal band hailing from Bucharest, Romania. They began way back in 1997 and are one of the earliest bands to play this style of metal from their region. They have released their recent most album ‘Arlechino’.


It’s absolutely fascinating to see how this band plays symphonic music in the most perfect way possible, fusing elements of Gothic and Dark metal. Just after I glanced at their artworks I knew the band had something more to offer. I normally have my expectations high when I listen to bands related to these genres but I have to admit that Kratos have probably produced their best work till date with ‘Arlechino’. Right from the first title track Arlechino to the last track Reverse Effect, the band has taken us into a world of absolute orchestral manifesto.

I heard the album quite a few times and was daunted each time. The eerie ambience created by the massive orchestra along with the vicious drums and guitar work is laudable. Not to forget the clean and unclean vocals which have blended in perfectly to create a suave element that makes this record stand ground.


Let me talk about the guitars. They are razor sharp and flabbergasting. Just amazed to see how the guitars have been put into the apt level. The female vocals imparted by Monica Barta takes this album one notch higher. It is eminent in songs like Fishing and Inner Chaos. I couldn’t hear the bass on the whole but it is quite noticeable in songs such as Delirium. The orchestral structures composed by Daniel Dron are just bravura. I have no words to describe how beautifully the orchestra has amalgamated with their style of metal. His growls add the necessary aggression to the album too. Sometimes, when I am focusing only on the orchestral parts, I am left wondering how theatrical their live performance would be.

Watch the live here-

The drums have upheld all the instruments together. The tone of the drums was ideal and blends in well with the music. The drum pattern was very impressive and the variations added were quite poisonous. It can be seen in songs like Three Times in a lifetime and Delirium (ft Marius).


I am astounded by how rich the production is and how the instruments were handled. The way the instruments come together and fit perfectly well is what takes this album out there. The band knows what they want and have skilfully mastered their art, sticking to what they set out to write. This could easily be passed on as one of the best Symphonic Dark Metal albums for 2016 and its just April still!

This band is meant for serious fans of Cradle Of Filth, Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, Tristania etc.,

Connect with the band-

Kratos- Facebook

Kratos- Website

Ratings- 95%


Reviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/ Chief Editor)


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