BEHEMOTH releases ‘Ben Sahar’- New Music Video!

Polish extreme metal giants Behemoth! have released a new music video- ‘Ben Sahar‘. The band’s last album (2014) ‘The Satanist‘ is considered as a cult classic among it’s fans. ‘Ben Sahar’ promises to be a visual treat and is reminiscent of a typical Behemoth music video. This song comes out with heavy anticipation among its listeners.


Photo by- Tim Tronckoe

The video shows front man Nergal as nomad, holding a staff topped with a skull as he walks through the plains. He faces creatures draped in white cloaks as he traverses across the plains and glances at a black, horned beast. The video builds a mysterious vibe to it that creates an atmosphere. Watch it below-

Behemoth is also set to go a tour of North America this April. The band will be supported by Myrkur, an Avante-Garde black metal outfit who were recently nominated by Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards. They have been pushing across all boundaries to make things better and like never before. Nergal states, “We’ve always pushed ourselves very hard trying to reach the highest peaks of artistic creativity. This time around, we are not only coming back to perform The Satanist in its entirety, but are also bringing along a collaboration that’s unheard of!“.

Check tour dates below-



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