Finally, I’m spinning an Extreme Metal release after a very long time. VERMENT has come up with a commanding statement that leaves its listeners pleased with their style of Modern death metal, showing traces of Old School, Blackened Death Metal to even some Grindcore here and there.

The moment you listen to this band you can see vestiges of Morbid Angel, Devildriver, Suffocation, Cerebral Bore etc., and it’s a good thing that the band has shown maturity in its musical skills and how they’ve evolved as musicians over the years. The band has transformed and has developed its own sound that deserves a special mention. It is probably the most important thing for a band as it tends to show the musicality of these men.


Their songs are in particular characterized by colossal drumming, dynamic vocals and distinct guitars which doesn’t sound too bad at all. I would have personally liked if the band had a healthier production, as the guitars distort at odd times that takes a while to get note of. It’s not bad at all but it could have been better. The breakdowns are apt; thankfully it doesn’t deviate from what they started out to do. At least it’s satisfying at best.

However, songs like Amon’s Wrath, Obsolescence Reality, Chemical Indoctrination, have made up for it. This album stands ahead because of these potent tracks that make the album more appealing to its listeners.


Go for it, if you want to listen to something different.

Ratings- 70%

Connect with the band-

Verment- Facebook

Verment- Reverbnation

Reviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/Chief Editor)

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