Formed back in 1993 and hailing from Poland, SACRILEGIUM has offered something that most Black Metal bands of their era don’t look up to. You’ll know what I mean by that after you listen to the band.


The band has released their much awaited album ‘Anima Lucifera’. The very first notion that you get when you glance at the artworks is how atmospheric it appears to be. The colour tone and the feel of it should be sufficient to open up the package.

The band has offered something that demonstrates a varied influence from Black Metal to Power metal with outstanding production. The melodies tendered by the guitars and the intense blast beats have taken a front seat. The vocals are enough to add up to the sheer melodic brutality and the bass lines offer more depth to songs with adequate sequences.


The song ‘Angelus’ that begins with soulful keyboards grows into the listener. The Power Metal influenced guitars with traditional tremolo picking, appended with some beautiful solos is just sensuous. The drum tone is classy. The vocals are protruding and stand prominent throughout. I am very enthralled to have heard stuff like this. Not in a very long time though.

Another song that I was very astonished by is ‘Anima Lucifera’. The song is an absolute piece of art that shows their musical luminosity. Right from the fast, classic tremolo picking guitar style to the shrieked vocals that seemed more like an amalgamation of Gaahl and Dead. The solo is splendid. The drums are quite heavy and add on to the well sewed track that binds the album together.

Other recommended tracks include, ‘..and soul’ and ‘Venomous’.

At the core of it all, the band can be catalogued as a Black Metal band, something with a rich production value and that most bands from the early nineties would prefer not to go down that line. This is a bold attempt by SACRILEGIUM. Fans that like Black Metal with rich production and varied influences will be aroused. For people who prefer a raw sound can let it pass.

Ratings- 90%

Connect with the band-

Sacrilegium- Facebook

Buy their stuff here-

Pagan Records


Reviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/Chief Editor)


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